“AFRO LATINOS” the story they didn’t tell us

2008 was a very tough year for us, the national economy was hittin’ rock bottom.  Nothing like this had happen since the 1930’s great depression… We got to feel it in 2008… it made us realized that nothing can last… but it also gave us the feeling of ‘perseverance’ and to fight for what you want and fulfill your goals and dreams… Our dream is simple, to establish a cultural center in every continent and teach the youth and need it the importance of tradition and culture.  You see, North American “culture” deals with the build and destroy theory, rip what you sew and build on top, in other words, the media all over the states gives the idea of a ficticious and illusionist way of living.  The cars, the big house, the lavish trips etc… This images are shared all over the world.  The US is in the eyes of the world daily, wanted or not.  So for a kid in a 3rd world country, his culture and traditions gets tainted in a way where it disappears, and is no longer a tradition but more of a labor to make money.  Example, a kid that helps his mom make quilts or a kid who wakes up at 5 am to help his dad with the crops or farm animals in the Andes of Peru, or a Japanese youth who no longer believes or cares about his ancestry and traditions or values, the culture fades away.  We saw it in Tokyo in 2005, how dull and sad the faces where.  Anyhow, don’t want to get too deep here… the main idea is to preserve the cultural traditions in the youth of the 3rd world countries.  We haven’t come up with a name yet.  But is an energy that will bloom sooner or later…

Peru is our native land, we where born in Lima, district capital, also known as Lima Vieja “Old Lima” like the spanish called it.  Lima carries many stories, from its independence in the 1500s to the stories of Che traveling around the country and marring a Peruvian revolutionary.  We treasure every minute while we visit our land.  In 2007 Renzo Devia, a Colombian decent tv director who we know for some time, invited us to be part of the production team for a new documentary about the Afro Latino Culture.  We researched and filmed the various elements that form an Afro community. This documentary covers 12 countries.  To make a long story short, we travelled to Peru on October 22nd of 2008 to start our research and interviews with the characters that form part of the Afro Peruvian Community.  From the gastronomy elements to the social living of the ‘negro’ in Peru, we got it all in film and photography.  It was not an easy job as it might seem.  Waking up at 6am to catch a bus ride to Chincha (capital of Afro Peruvian culture) to visit the ‘haciendas’ (huge mansions/farms) where they kept a good amount of slaves after the declaration of freedom in Peru.  We also visited various icons in the Afro Peruvian folklore and music scene, like Amador Ballumbrosion, one of the last icons alife from the Afro Peruvian community and also interviews with the mayor of Chincha, who happen to be a scholar of the Afro Peruvian Studies in the University of San Marcos in Lima.  We made sure to capture the essence of the Afro community and the way they life during this times and before.  As we researched and travelled across the South Pacific, we stopped in many places to eat and rest. One particular place was the kitchen of “Mamaine” or Mama Inez, an Afro Peruvian lady in her 60’s that cooks some of the most amazing fusions of Peruvian culinary arts.  We interviewed her and asked her about her life as an Afro Peruvian and her story.  Like her we encountered many more iconic people, most of them very helpfull and humble.

During our stay we also celebrated my birthday, it had been about 17 years since I didn’t celebrated a birthday in my native land.  My best present after being in my country was to experience Susana Baca, “the queen of Lando”, a very sensual sound of the Afro Peruvian culture, ironically Susana had been absent from Peru for 6 years, it was her first apparaence  since her last visit in 2002.  She gave us a beautiful night singing about 20 songs and sharing a poem.  It had to be one of the highlights of the trip, I could only imagine to see her in the States, not in Peru.  It was a beautiful night on November the 19th.

This documentary explains also the forgotten inspirations that the “black slaved” had given to our traditions and customes, food, clothing, dance, education, etc.  The idea is to tell a story that has not been told, we hear about the indigenous stories, the Mayan, the Aztec, the Incasbut never a story about the 1st slaves in the Americas and how they evolved in new lands.

Is our mission to continue the tradition of teaching and sharing the good news of our world’s cultures and to constantly preserve its elements.  The more and more we share, the more we’ll help establish a solid ground for one brotherhood community all across America and then to connect the entire world.  To bring back the sensitivity of the ‘pangean’ and the theory of drifting continents.  We where all together once.  The energy is the same all over the world, the only difference is taste and physical appearance, and even then we are very much alike…

AFRO LATINOS “The story that was never told” or “La Historia que nunca nos contaron”.

here are some brief samples of photos we capture during our research / trip to Peru

Afro Latinos

Afro Latinos

doc info

doc info

Chinchala hacienda

Alicia the writer / Jimmy the guide, in Chincha's Mamaine Restaurant

Alicia the writer / Jimmy the guide, in Chincha's Mamaine Restaurant

Susana Bacasu majestad EL CAJONAnd we also got to visit Macchu Picchu in CUZCO, but that is an entire different story.  Here is one photo of whats coming later…

Rich Spirit in Macchu Picchu CUZCO


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