ITALY: SuperFly magazine w/ Listen Clothing

SuperFly is an amazing growing magazine in Italy.  We first linked with them about 3 years ago when they wrote some stories about Brasilintime and Dj Nuts.  Eric Coleman also did some articles and contribute with photos.  In Spring of 2008 Silvia our good friend at SuperFly hit us up, to share an article or interview with some of the jazz artist we have wrote about.  It wasn’t to hard to think which artist to share.  Alex Acuña is one of our mentors not only in music but in life.  Alex besides being one of the greatest percussionist in the world is also a missionary, who has contribute to many projects and movements and help those who need it the most.  He’s basically a ‘Recovey’ mentaly cat. lol

The article/interview is going to be release on the next issue of SuperFly.  Here we have some photos of our new ad, inspired by our last trip to Peru and by the journey during our filming expedition for the Afro Latino documentary, which will be show some time in 2010 on the Discovery Channel.

Thanks to our friends at SUPERFLY MAGAZINE in ITALY.


superfly italyListen Clothing ad SuperFlysuper-fly-ad-finalhere are some of the articles that SuperFly offers to the Italian readers.  From David Axelrod to James Brown to Erica Badu’s last album cover artist, a tribute to Miriam Makeba (an African Soul and Cultural Singer) SuperFly got it deep, they are in the right path of being ‘the’ cultural music magazine from Eastern Europe.  We solute our brothers in Italy for publishing some good news.  Listen Recovery will be collaborating with SuperFly on more interviews and articles, preserving the roots of music and its icons.  Dig deep to get deeper!  Gracci Italy!

Axelrod article vintage posters artistjames brownerica badu last album cover artistmiriam makebaDeclaime album reviewWe had a big surprise finding out via SuperFly that Dudley Perkins aka Declaime aka Poet Pass The Weak, had release an album in Europe.  We go way back with Dudley, since the Lil’ Light album in 2000.  Dudley is on of our dearest friends and mentors as well.  His movement “Ephistrophic Peach Sounds” along with companion Georgia Anne Muldrow is been moving a bit silencely.  Their productions are on top of their game as I write this.  Working with many amazing artist and expressing a message of Love and Reconstruction of our Earth.  Ephistrophic Peach Sounds will be hittin’ the streets of LA soon, very soon.  They are already moving souls all over Europe and Japan… One Love, One Light, One God. Dudley Perkins

Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow stories and  music downloads coming soon


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