The Brazilian hour is produce and conducted by Sergio Mielniczenko.  This Radio Show is made possible by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil to promote the best Brazilian music and culture in Los Angeles and all around the world via Internet.

Sergio Milniczenko career is amazing, specially if you are a Brazilian music enthusiastic. His story begins in Rio De Janeiro.

But we are not telling it today.  We still have to do a series of interviews and more data research to make justice to his bio or story.

Today we just want to share our small part in the celebration of the 50th year for the Brazilian Hour on KPFK.  The celebration took place at ‘The Eli And Edythe Broad Stage’ a celebration with a title of “Tropicalia Daring Days”.  It was a performance of cover songs by Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costas & Maria Betania to name a few.  Sergio’s band was form by young talented Brazilian musician and a beautiful vocalist.  We took the opportunity to share with the public our contribution to the Brazilian Culture in Los Angeles and the promotion our our future events for the Brazilian community.  As well as a few garments inspired by some of the best sound providers of Brazil, like Tim Maia, Airto, Caetano and also a few designs from our graffiti artist Nunca who resides in Sao Paulo.  Here are some photos of the Tropicalia show outside of the theatre and some photos of our table of garments and products from the Peruvian Amazon.  It was Rich Spirit, Marlon Fuentes and yours truly Renz.

programs Tropicalia daring daysthe merch tablecoquitos peruanosdvds and cdsrich spiritrich wears amazonic dashiki and rock carving cuzco symbolmarlon fuentesadi x uclathe show via flatscreenrenzinhoteachSergio Mielniczenko producer and conductor of the Brazilian Hour Show on KPFK Friday mornings from 10am to 11am, playing the best in Brazilian music from yesterday and today.  Dig deep to get deeper.

sergiosergio015moacir santosgilberto gilchico boarque de holandajoao bosco


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