MASSSSSSSS, when I first heard of this spot, I was a bit curious to see what type of ‘español’ music was bumping. My buddy Gary “dj Ganas” had shared some info about the cats playing there. To my surprise, the 3rd time I was to attend the club, B+ and EC had a welcome back night. All Cumbias from Colombia, they had just arrived a few weeks back from Cali. Gary was kind to extend the invitation to play in a future night. Of course, I didn’t hesitate to accept the invite. Peruvian Cumbias, Funk, Salsa, Afro, etc… I’ll share this night. I don’t get to play my deep records much, for the same reason that most of them are for Listening enjoyment. Gary had mention that the start of the club was inspired by the records and the opportunity to play music that we couldn’t just share at any club. More lounge and rare tracks to enjoy… all in spanish of course… no computers, no ipods, no mp3’s… only vinyl…

So here we are, a few more days and a huge Timeless show in between to enjoy as well… I hope I see enough homies at Verdugo Bar (Mas Exitos home) on Tuesday 24th. Don’t miss the Peruvian Cultural set by Renz from Listen Recovery. I might also have a few friends with percussion and possibly my buddy FLIP from Sao Paulo Brasil, painting live… we’ll see on that one…


mas exitos



Peru Records 2008

Peru Records 2008

sexteto juventud


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