Brasilian Consulate Gallery show w/ Listen Recovery

Tropicalia Gallery Consulate of Brasil

The Consulate of Brasil in Los Angeles reached out to us during the Tropicalia show at the Broad Theater to contribute on the 1st installation of Arts from various painters in Brasil. We provided the background sound for the opening. Along with some “golie” guaranas and some brasilian appetizers, we took over the decks playing the best in Tropicalia hits and MPB’s from the 70’s. From Caetano Veloso to some Joao Bosco to Arthur Verocai’s Celia Lp, a record given to Rich Spirit by Dj Nuts during our 1st trip to Sao Paulo. We shared with the Brasilian crowd some of the most profound lyrics in Brasilian music history.
The Tropicalia Movement was a very controversial issue in Brasil’s music during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Caetano Veloso wrote a book about it call Tropical Truth: A Story Of Music And Revolution In Brazil. We hugely suggest to to get it. Is only $5 buck at amazon or bn stores. The book cover is sick too. There are a few books about the Tropicalia and revolution in Brasil, where music plays the forth front of the story. dig it!

Here are some flicks from the evening at the Consulate of Brasil… The people at the consulate hosted us in well and open arms welcome… Listen Recovery will be schedule to host and provide the sound for the entire year, at the Consulate of Brasil’s Art Gallery.

Rich Spirit
$3000!!! what!...
Verocai's CELIA LP  amazing album
renz joao bosco
rich spirit
orden y progreso


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