La Estacion Latina (1st night)

Rich Spirit linked the Lima Lounge Bar & Restaurant own by Javier Neciosup & Juan Morillo managers of Eva Ayllon. The Night consist in bringing the best in 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Latin rhythms. From cumbias to samba to Peruvian lando. All together is a very nice collective night, in which we show case art, rare and forgotten tracks, specialty dishes from the kitchen, documentaries on projectors and more. Jonas Lynch will be the official painter for La Estacion Latina. Along with our new brother Pilot aka P7 spinning all ‘Descarga and Salsa Hits”. Also we’ll be having some special guest coming every month, including Alex Acuña, Peru Negro, Airto Moreira & Flora Purim, Macondo y sus Latin Brothers from Colombia and more to be announce. The night will be build from 5pm till 12am, since there is work and school next day… Lima Lounge Restaurant serves as a home for the LISTEN RECOVERY CREW in further concerts and special engagements. Lima Lounge has is also the home for Weather Report’s Alex Acuña, Eva Ayllon and Peru Negro. Dig deep to get deeper…

Rich Spirit

Pilot P7

Jonas Lynch
Jonas work
La Estacion latina


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