Eva Ayllon @ Royce Hall UCLA March 20th diary by Listen Recovery

We arrive at UCLA exactly 8pm. The show started on the dot as the Royce Hall tradition does. Rich, Jonas and I came in through the side door that took us back stage. Jonas set it up on a corner of the back stage room, is a fairly large area where the band could chill in between sessions. The paintings where set up along the table for display to the band and Eva. While Jonas finalized the 4th painting of the week for Eva and the Campos Brothers. The concert started with a very mellow mood song. A “lando” song which started the night smoothly. As the show progress and Jonas brushes painted the black acrylic ink, Rich and I photograph the concert and the essence of the night. From a few shots of “pisco” and some sweets from the bar, Rich and I traveled to the deepest and most sensual sounds that the Afro Peruvian culture can give you. Eva’s captivating voice and sensual movements took the crowd by storm and made the almost 100% Peruvian audience scream their country’s name “viva el Peru and Eva Ayllon”, “We Love you Eva!” “Vamos Negra!” and many more exclamation phases. The night continue with a second set starting the Campos Brothers on a “zapateo session” and some cajon duets by Marco and Ronnie. Eva also introduced her band as she always does, from her pianist to her drummer and the brass session that only played on the second set. Eva played the “cajita” a small wooden box that hangs on a strap from your neck and hangs on to the chest, while beating it with a wooden stick and snapping the cap of the box. Eva is known for playing this instrument during her sets of “festejo” and “alcatraz”, the fastest songs for Afro dances.

As the end of the show arrived, Eva started to sing her latest project and also introduced some of the different styles of songs she has apply to her newest album. Her artistic essence is the same “the Queen of Afro Peru” only now, she’s taking her culture to other frontiers, where she has to experiment with sounds and different genre in ethnomusic. Eva Ayllon is the voice of PERU and the QUEEN OF AFRO PERUVIAN MUSIC. Her voice has traveled all over the Americas as well around the world, from Europe to Japan to Brasil to Mexico. Listen Recovery is proud to say that Eva is one of the biggest influences in our mission to preserve culture and to create awareness and celebrate diversity. Dig Deep To Get Deeper!…

Ronaldo Campos by Jonas Lynch

Eva by Jonas Lynch

by Jonas Lynch

Jonas Lynch

Ronnie Campos

Marco Campos

beginning of the show EVA AYLLON



stage 2



Ronnie Campos

Ronnie back





Ronnie and Rich


zapateo Marcos


Peru Negro girls

Giglio P. cajonero de EVA

Eva Ayllon

music notes




Later that night after the show, we took a trip for some late night tacos and some “mex” delights around 3:30am. Ronnie and Marcos had the usual for any tourist, “the tacos”. They eat around 1 doz in between them. After we said our peace and when our ways, agreeing on meeting 4 days later at the airport to exchange some info about the future projects in Peru and US. Ronnie sold Rich Spirit his professional cajon and Marcos gave Rich his “mules jaw instrument”. Peru Negro and Listen Recovery will be working on various projects starting this Summer in Peru with a filming of their first video clip, the song call “Cañete” name for the city where Peru Negro was founded.




home arrival


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