PERU: Lima, Chincha & Cuzco. 2008 Afro Latinos Doc. Part I of V

In 2008 Listen Recovery was invited to be part of a documentary about the Afro Culture of 12 Latin American countries. We cover Peru, or as we would say in this project, Afro Peruvian Culture. Our mission was to interview and research about the social status of the “negro” in Peru, the culinary arts of Afro Peru, the folklore and the music, the history and geography. Creador Films provided the equipment and direction for the story. The experience was unique. Our knowledge in Afro Peruvian Culture made things easier for the director and for the story that he wanted to tell. Besides traveling along the coast, we also took a trip to Cuzco, main city to Macchu Picchu (4th wonder of the world). The director wanted to visit the ruins and film a short doc about his 1st visit to Inca land.

Here is our best work yet in photography. We are very proud of this trip and research for the documentary “AFRO LATINOS” soon to be
release on Discovery Channel. Dig deep to get deeper.


Señor de los milagros


mercado provedores Breña

mercado provedores

extracto de caña de azucar

rich spirit in Breña

esquina "plaza de la bandera"

rich y diego

peru funk y psicodelico en compacto y tambien en discos si los encuentras

calle Quilca

calle Quilca


arte urbano de Lima

arte en Lima

arte urbano de Lima

Jesus arte en Quilca, Lima

director taking notes from Afro Peruvian books... deep

vintage books from Lima. Amazing stuff!

Plaza de armas Lima. R & R after diggin' n Quilca

psych rock live in Lima


from the crip in Avenida Arequipa

continue on part II< link
photos from Oct 31 “Dia de la musica Criolla” w/ Peru Negro.

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