PERU: Lima, Chincha & Cuzco. 2008 AFRO LATINOS doc. part III of V

Back in Chincha for more research and interviews with the director and the writer. Coincidence the presidential election where going on in the US while we worked the documentary in Chincha for AFRO LATINOS. We arrive Nov. 1st in the morning, the election where on the 4th, the day Obama became the 1st ‘negro president’ in the history of the United States.

Even a remote city like Chincha felt the pride and honor to be leaving in the times when color of skin have reach its mayor point of ‘equality’. After departing from our beautiful Chincha.

We arrived in Lima, with the plans to purchase our tickets for Cuzco. We had so much energy still, the adrenaline was pumping through our vains… Cuzco was 2 days away.

Rich also made plans with his significant other to meet in Lima so she can come along with the crew to visit the mystic land of Machu Picchu.

After Cuzco we return to Lima, for some digging, food and some live music by Susana Baca, queen of Lando. To my luck, the concert was on the eve of my 31st birthday. Which I haven’t celebrated since I departed to LA in 1991 from Lima. It was nice to celebrate with my brother, my cousin Micky and my infancy friends. Rich and Micky planned a mild surprise with a cake ‘selva negra’ (all chocolate cake) and some friends that hardly come out during our trip… it started about 11pm, I was a bit sore from 5 hours of dental work.

The celebration extended till 8am of next day. In Peru the celebration is digested, meaning we enjoy our drinking and social time… in moderation and in small portions. This is the secret of lasting all night, a sip at a time. To my surprise I was on my feet till 8:30am. I was back in my element but not used to it.

Rich and I have been traveling back to Peru since 2003. Is been a very amazing experience being able to learn and go back to our country, with a better understanding of culture and tradition. We embrace every moment spend in our town and surrounding cities that we visit during our annual trips to home land Peru.

We invite you to take a trip to South America’s Peru and experience the wonders and its people. The food and music are amazing to start with. The sight seeing is unique and the moments are timeless. Dig deep to get deeper.

back to Chincha

back in chincha


kids in chincha



chincha pasa calles

pasa calles in chincha

pasa calles niños de chincha

schools representing



chincha pasa calles niña

moto cholo

el carmen escudo

del carmen paredes

hacienda San Luis

Hacienda San Martin

Ronaldo Palma

rich spirit interview w Ronaldo Palma Chincha

hacienda San Luis


Ronaldo Palma Chincha

Rich Spirit


Alicia y Renzo

after the earthquake


cactus con llanta

a Cristo

Prof. Ronaldo Palma & Rich Spirit after the interview

We took a ‘micro’ (bus) right back to Mamaine for an interview and a nice traditional Afro Peruvian cuisine by black peruvian hands.
Mamaine was home this time, the 1st time we didn’t have much luck, since we showed up improvised. This time, the news to her ears had come days after she arrived from Lima back to her home in Del Carmen, about us wanting to interview and taste her food fresh from her kitchen. She is a sweat lady, full of energy and comical remarks about the life of a cook.

back to Mamaine for an interview

Cartagena en la casa!

mamaine's home walls


mamaine con ronaldo palma


Ronaldo Palma

mamaine kids of Del Carmen

futbal en Del Carmen

del carmen kid

negras Del Carmen

niña Del Carmen


el futuro del arte negro en PERU

negritas en Del Carmen

negritas del carmen


out of school early

prepara Richi

percusion listos

niños del Carmen

at work

looking for a place to rest

Ronaldo Palma

en Peru

slave times tools

Centro Cultural De Chincha

Del Carmen, CHINCHA



motocholo chincha

Obama in Chincha's News

After interviewing and taking notes about the origin on the negro in Peru, we took a bus back to the hotel and waiting for next day agenda.

The Next day we took a walk to the ‘mercado’ in Chincha, in look for a wooden cajon / fruit produce box, for the purpose of the assimilation for the birth of “el cajon”. Here are some candid pictures from the vendors at the market. We had a blast walking in a maze of vendors from fruits to fresh fish to shoe polish…


finding a cajon







pescado vivo pescado






Ballumbrosio, Celia

negro en chincha

negrito en chincha

Afro Latinos

Celia Ballumbrosio

negra linda

taking notes

taking notes 2

taking notes 3

love door

chilling after taking notes


pies de negra

negrito y negrita de Chincha

Roberto Ballumbrosio

Roberto Ballumbrosio

roberto Ballumbrosio

Roberto y Renzo


Black President

new president in the US Nov. 4th 2008

obama in chincha

Caretas national news magazine

Part IV continue (LINK)

3 Responses to “PERU: Lima, Chincha & Cuzco. 2008 AFRO LATINOS doc. part III of V”

  1. Denise Colon Says:


    My name is Denise Colon. I am a student at Northeastern University. I found some incredible pictures on your website of Peru. I am actually making a small film for one of my classes about, “Musica Negra.” I am writing to see if you will grant me permission to use some of your pics in my small movie. This is for educational purposes only and will not be posted to any website or used to gain money. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank You!
    Denise Colon

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