Bob Marley: In Brasil, France and in Miami @ Criteria Studios, September 14th, 1980.

Listen Recovery and Roger Steffens Archives, came together in 2004 for the mission to preserve and share the world of reggae archives created by Roger. In our many visit to the Roger Steffen’s Estates in Echo Park, we encounter many rare items and music files, from 7″ records to photos of the band “The Wailers” to even finding Bob Marley’s business card. Roger Steffens is ‘the’ walking Reggae Archive. Here we begging to share some of the wonderful items, photos, videos and rare audio recordings.

The footage you are about to see below, is not from Roger Steffens’ Archives. We found this footage from ‘youtube’ and decided to share it with you, since what’s coming will be much similar to this rehearsals in Miami. Enjoy!

This video is so rare, the people who posted, didn’t want to share the embed code. So here is the link for this rare video of Bob Marley in France.

copy and paste this link to view the video



Rehearsals at Criteria Studios Late, Miami, FL
September 14, 1980
Probably the longest Bob Marley video footage you gonna see and…
this is his last filmed rehersal session…


2 Responses to “Bob Marley: In Brasil, France and in Miami @ Criteria Studios, September 14th, 1980.”

  1. hummm…ok…
    all post above is what i shared threw torrent network called “marley & tosh torrent’s” designed for unreleased archived material’s…

    the brazil 80 & criteria 80 footage came from i , then sum one leaked too youtube as i see post’s above….

    anywho for more uknown…just join my forum & tell your freinds too !
    and you say roger doesnt even have miami florida 80 footage tel him too ! 🙂

    • is my email.
      lets share stuff…
      I’ll make sure to make a link of your page onto ours… and start creating awareness about your info…

      Glad to connect.. been waiting to share lots of bob and the reggae archives world for a while… but still want to keep a good integrity about sharing whats not ours. ya know?

      lets talk..

      One heart brethren
      Renzo Revelli
      Listen Recovery

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