Roger Steffens and friend: Lee “Scratch” Perry, Alton Ellis. photos by Mary Steffens.

Lee & Rojah

This photo was taken by Mary Steffens while Roger was interviewing Lee “Scratch”. Mary usually travels along with her husband to make sure his schedule and presentations are taking care off. We have the photos shoot by Roger on this particular day. The photos are all ‘candid’ Lee is one of the most expressionist characters in the reggae world. Roger capture his gestures in a great way. The photos from Lee will be share soon.


This photos we found in Roger’s desk. Roger desk is full of amazing archives, from photos with friends to photos he’s shoot around the world. Here are more photos of Roger and friends and a photo from a church in Ethiopia that we love. More to come.

rojah & santana

Rojah & Santana. Santana is a very close friend of Rojah. I’ve seen paintings by Santana in Rojah’s rooms. I’m also aware that Roger owns some shirts made by Carlos Santana. Carlos used to travel with his graphic/silkscreen designer while touring. That is why we can see Carlos rocking some of the most eclectic/psycodelics/rooted shirts ever seen on stages. Anyhow… this photos speaks more than words.

Rojah photo Ethiopia

Photo taken in Ethipia, Church. 2007


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