Ethiopian Easter: Little Ethiopia walk, April 19th 2009

Today April 19th Ethiopians in Los Angeles celebrate ‘Ethiopian Easter’.  To our surprise while arriving at Lt. Ethiopia, we knowest the street empty of cars and visitors.  Usually a Sunday afternoon the boardwalk is full of tourist and Ethiopians living in LA.  But today most of them where at Church.  Traditionally most Ethiopians are very religious christians.  So it made sense that the street was not as transited as usual.  As we finish our lunch at NYALA Ethiopian Cusine. By the way, the lunch/dinner was $27.40, not fancy price at all… We took a walk to some of the open business in the blvd.  Jah Lambs & Lions is a popular clothing and accesory store sitated in the middle of the blvd.  We entered the store to take some pics of our pieces sold at the shop.  Here are the pics… hope you enjoy, as we did on this sunny sunday afternoon.  One love goes to our brother Droop aka Dr Oop! We visit him on our way back to the beach.  Respects!!! dig deep…

ethiopian art on the restaurant NYALA Ethiopian cusine

vegy combo & chicken + enjera (ethiopian bread)

way of eating ethiopian food

enjera (ethiopian bread, pancacke like)

$27.34 including 2 lemonade drinks

tapes from ethiopia. $3 each

Ethiopia Music!

Ethiopian futbol

JahLambs&Lions Lt. Ethiopia finest

music & futbal & rhythm & passion


Rasta is not a religion, Rasta is a way of life

African Preservation

Rock Reggae

Jah clothing


We walked in to an Ethiopian Music/Accessory store and found a MULATU ASTATKE cd from 1994 title ASSIYO BELLEMA, the band: Mulatu Astatke, Jeshome Mitiku, Rida Ibrahim & Teodros Jadesse.  It has a very unique Jazz sound.  The Ethiopian twist in the 90’s sound.  We’ll be digitizing and sharing a few tracks coming up.  Here are some flix of the cover.

Mulatu Astatke 1994

Ethio-Grooves Records




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