Digging in PERU, 2008. Quilca, Lima: cumbias peruanas, salsa, chicha, afro-peruvian, rock.


This record was recovered by Rich Spirit. The cumbia beats on this record are ‘hard’, from the 1st song of the album. It only gets better as it plays. We’ll be uploading this one soon for all the ‘homies’ that love some Colombian heat.  Quilca, Lima. cost: 5 soles  LOS TEEN AGERS group from COLOMBIA. 1967


This one is a fave for many, they all know who they are. ah!… not to brag, but this one is the 5th in the collection.  Kay Jee cut by Enrique Lynch.  Safairi Salvaje / Kay Jee, original by Kool and the Gang.  recovered by Renz.  Quilca, Lima. cost around 20 soles ENRIQUE LYNCH from PERU circa 1972.

Pakines I

I think we first heard of Los Pakines during taxi rides with our parents in the 80s.  The strees of Lima were flooded with taxi drivers… and they still are… and many of them bumping some type of salsa, cumbia or chicha in this case.  Many enthuciastic of Los Pakines in Lima don’t categorized them as a ‘chicha band’, its consider a cumbia band. But really, as a peruvian born, as far as I can remember, all cumbias in Peru were ‘chicha music’… with the exception of the bands that migrated to Colombia in the late 60’s.  Like Melcochita, Tulio Enrique Leon, Mario Cavagnaro, Grupo Kantunga, in all others… Los Pakines did stand out… their electric sound + cumbias amazonicas gave them the touch of the streets sounds in Lima… all taxi drivers knew about Los Pakines.  This record, is their 1st record recorded and release.  To me is the ‘best’ work during their entire career. But I love them all…  this one will also be digitized soon… dig it!

tulio enrique

This one is just HEAT!, I had to actually listen to about 200 records to come up on this one, all dusted in his misery… Tulio Enrirque Leon? wtf! whos this cat?… is what I question myself… after listening to the 1st track on side A, I was sold… cost about 2 soles. Quilca, Lima. circa 1965.

fuentes varios

‘Varios Interpretes’ like they call it in South America… All Heat!, and the cover is heat too!… Quilca, Lima. cost around 5 soles. 1979. COLOMBIA, salsa, cumbias, rock, afro-colombian.

ensalada tropical

Another surprise from Enrique Lynch and collaborators.  This one is title ENSALADA TROPICAL or TROPICAL SALAD. with Mario y sus Sonora, Manolin y sus Conjunto, Oliva Brass and of course Enrique Lynch as Don Enrique y sus Estrellas.  HEAT! nutt said! dig it!


One of many from Kantunga. They recorded many Lps during the 70’s, all funky salsa, cumbias and some rock too… dig it! Quilca, Lima.  cost about 2 soles. 1975.

Mario C

Very escencial  for all the few Peruvian diggers.  What up with my boy Thes Uno!… dig it!… Quilca, Lima. cost about 10 soles 1964 cumbias PERU. MARIO CAVAGNARO Y SU SONORA SENSACION. Cumbias, Pollera and Tambo rhythms.

Mapale musical

Some COLOMBIA gold, found in the streets of Quilca, Lima. by Rich Spirit. Philips wth!!!… COLOMBIA, Mapale tunes. 1960s no year on cover.


Melcochita, with some Funk tracks and some comedian salsa and cumbias, also a song dedicated to our peruvian dougnuts ‘Picarones’, dig it.

Afro Peruvian ZAMBO CAVERO

PERU At its fullest!.. this one is a CLASSIC!!! CLASICO!!! in perfection, every song in this Lp is amazing. Zambo’s vocals are outstanding  on this album.  We’ll share this one as well soon.  All Afro Peruvian tracks by Arturo Zambo Cavero and in guitar Oscar Aviles.  Quilca, Lima.  cost about 3 soles  circa 1974. PERU.

Los Uros del Titicaca

This cats are funky.  nah just kidding!. LOS UROS DEL TITICACA. repeat that 10 times fast! and you can become an instru-men. lol

I usually start my cultural set with this Lp, track title Pena Verde, ‘Sad Green’.  Referring to a bad crop.  Found in Quilca, Lima cost about 2 soles. 1972. PERU, Puno Tititcaca tunes. Andino music.

All Chicha from PERU, or as others call it CUMBION.  Los Diablos Rojos “Paseo Tropical”. 1969. Quilca, Lima. cost about 5 soles.

Cuarteto Continental

Nuve Gris: Lluvia Tropical

Los Chipis

Los Demonios: chicha music

Los Destellos

Antologia de la Cumbia Peruana

Los Destellos


Los Dolton

Los Belkins

Pedro Miguel y sus Maracaibos

Enrique Lynch y su conjunto MUNDIAL IMPACTO

3 Responses to “Digging in PERU, 2008. Quilca, Lima: cumbias peruanas, salsa, chicha, afro-peruvian, rock.”

  1. Did you pick up any baladas or romanticos over there?? If you could put me on to some dig spots I would be blessed!! I got spots in Buenos Aires I can put you on to…

    peace from L.A.

  2. jefferson toscano Says:

    amigo que tal bonita colecion me gutaria comparte los long plays de cumbia peruana o hablar para intermabiar los audio mi correo es osito_9104@hotmail.com
    repondeme porfavor o enviame un respues ok gracias abrazos

  3. Wow, so many amazing covers, thanks for sharing! Love the one with the four chefs the most 🙂 I was in Peru a few years ago but bought mostls CDRs, for instnace by Zambo Cavero and Enrique Lynch. Posted a few of my finds over at http://www.jonosaudio.blogspot.com which can still be listened to and downloaded (in the post “Latino Delights”) Will now head over to your other posts and see if I found any of this interesting music there, since it’s my first visit here. I’ll def be back! Cheers!

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