SUPERFLY Mag, Italy. issue #20


Issue 20th!!! Congrats to SUPERFLY for keeping music culture alive in Europe ITALY!… This particular issue features two of the greatest conductors and arrangers.  David Axelrod and Arthur Verocai!… David’s photography is by B+, at Capitol Records, with an unexpected visitor to the studio, Madlib.  The issue also shares a brief doc with Dimond D, Peter Tosh.  And last but not least; Our latest interview with ‘virtuoso’ The Rhythm Collector, Weather Report drummer super star!… ALEX ACUÑA NECIOSUP, from Peru.  The interview is made by Listen Recovery’s Rich Spirit Revelli.  At Alex’s studio in Panorama City CA. photo by Brian Cross aka B+ for Mochilla.  Also some reviews of some latest projects from Carlos Niño, Clutchy Hopkins kids, Movado (reggae), a review of a re-issue Joyce record… dig deep to get deeper!



axelrod bpls

david bpls

axelrod rec

w madlib

Arthur Verocai


dmnd d

dimond d

dmond d


by Rich "Spirit" Revelli




Rich, Alex and Renz photo by B+

Listen Recovery & Alex Acuña (fotografia di B+)


Carlos Niño & Friends: with a little help from...

Movado review Superfly. MOVADO UCLA Reggae Fest May 25th


listen ad

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