La Perla: Calle Trece ft. Ruben Blades. Fusion latina 2009

After many tries in getting together, in Panama or in Puerto Rico.  The guys from Calle Trece, Visitante and Residente also known as Eduardo and Rene. Got together with the legend at his studio/estates in Panama to discuss a future project between them.

The song written 1st by Residente (Rene), with some raps by Ruben.  The song call ‘La Perla’ ‘ The Pearl’ a Puerto Rican well known city, where many musicans have came out from. Also is the nick name for Puerto Rico. “La Perla Del Sur” “The Pearl of the south”.

In this next video, Calle Trece and Ruben Blades talk about the beautiful place of La Perla, its people, and its traditions… all in one song.

The video after that, it shows the making of the project.  We’ll also be posting the conversation between Calle Trece and Ruben Blades at the DRBS (De Ruben Blades Show) at

This is a Latin Fusion song, with some guaracha, salsa and urban lyrics. Filmed in La Perla, Puerto Rico in 2008.

Ruben Blades is schedule to be on tour this year, all over america and other parts of the world…


calle trece & ruben blades


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