LISTEN RECOVERY. Dj Renz. South America. 57 min of raw cumbias, funk and folk.

Is been said the LISTEN RECOVERY got the vinyl from South America on deck. From Cumbias to Guaguanco to Salsa to Jazz.  Well, finally after quite some time.  About 4 years, since we dropped a mix.  Last one was by Dj Sesqui. “el disco es cultura” release around Summer of 2005.  This addition to our collection of mixes, falls in the category of South American Latin dance.  Most of them are from Peru. My intro includes a track from Puno Peru by ‘Los Uros del Titicaca’, a folk andino song with ‘quenas’ (flutes) and ‘sampoñas (wind pipes). I also included a brazilian mix, feautering Jorge Ben, Lo Borges, Antonio Carlos e Jeocafi and others. And the outro by Arturo ‘Zambo’ Cabero (afro-peruvian composer/cajonero).  I’m happy to share this mix with you guys.  Enjoy and keep digging, keep learning about other cultures and more music diversity…
“this mix is for you to put it on your car and let it spin when you get out of work daily… dig it!”
Renz, Listen Recovery Crew.
Renz, mix from south american digs


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