JOAO BOSCO 1st LP self-title. Produced by Tamba Trio (RCA)

Joao Bosco com Tamba Trio

BOSCO Bck sleeve info

JOAO BOSCO LP  < (download LP)

Man!, this album… is so dear to me (Renz).  I first heard of the record on my way to Brasil on the plane.  Nuts had left me about 30 LPs on mp3s onto my ipod a few months prior to my departure to Sao Paulo.  Joao Boscos 1st Lp was one of them.  I was very intrigued about Tamba Trio, after Nuts shared their story and who formed the band.  Helcio Milito, Luiz Eca and Bebeto.  All great musicians legendary cats that produced many other names in the Brazilian music world.

The album is full of eclectic sounds and drum beats ‘tamba’ sounds.  Joao’s vocals over his guitar sessions are one of the most influential melodies to us.  Antonio Carlos Jobim is on of the main inspirations for the making of the album and is the writer of the liner notes on the LP.  The album was recorded in  1973.

We got two copies of the LP, both gifts from Dj Nuts to Renz De Madrugada.  Nuts knowing its my fave record, was kind to find a second copy in 2008.

I use this record in every set when I play brazilian music.  The two last tracks are my faves to play for the crowd. ‘Alferes’ and ‘Amon Ra E O CavaloDE Troia’… I’ve heard Madlib play ‘Bala com Bala’ at the Azymuth show in LA.  I was happy to hear that other cats are up to this record.   B+ is a huge record collector aside of being one of the most inspirational photographers of this last two decades, he also owns a copy of this beautiful LP.  Nuts also shared this LP as gift to him.  Dig deep to get deeper…

Renz De Madrugada


Joao Bosco – violao

Luis Eca – piano and organ

Bebeto – bass / flutes / rhythms

Helcio Milito – tamba percussion / rhythms

Chico Batera – drums / rhythms

Everlardo – drums / rhythms

Gilherme – rhythms

Dirceu – drums

Claudio – bass

Rubao – tamba

Aristeu – guitarra



1. TRISTEZA DE UMA EMBOLADA (Joao Bosco – Aldir Blanc)

2. NADA A DESCULPAR (Joao Bosco – Aldir Blanc)

3. BOI (Joao Bosco – Aldir Blanc)

4. ANGRA (Joao Bosco – Aldir Blanc)

5. QUILOMBO (Joao Bosco – Aldir Blanc)

6. BALA COM BALA (Joao Bosco – Aldir Blanc)


7. BERNARDO, O EREMITA (Joao Bosco – Aldir Blanc – Claudio Tolomei)

8. QUEM SERA (Joao Bosco – Aldir Blanc – Paulo Emilio)


10. ALFERES (Joao Bosco – Aldir Blanc)

11. AMON RA E O CAVALO DE TROIA (Joao Bosco – Paulo Emilio)

Arronjos de: Luiz Eca & Rogerio Duprat

cover: Carlos Scliar

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  1. Hello, This album is beautiful. Could you reupload the rip? Peace,

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