Jorge Ben: FORCA BRUTA com Trio Mocoto.

Jorge Ben Forca Bruta LP

Ben bck sleeve


trio mocoto & jorge ben

Forca Bruta was introduced to us by Dj Nuts. Another gift from Sao Paulo, this time it was in Peru. During our 2005-06 trip to Peru with Dj Nuts, he brought us two records, Negro E Lindo (comanche song) and Forca Bruta.  Forca Bruta was produced by Trio Mocoto.  I was happy to find this out since I had been learning about Joao Parahyba (drummer).  Rich and I played the records during most of our trip.  Nuts had shared the LP’s on mp3s as well… It was during the time when Serato was just surfacing the scene in the dj world.  Nuts was on a mission to transfer vinyl onto mp3.  At the time he had close to 200 records digitazied on his Macbook and Ipod.  Ben’s Forca Bruta was defetnely one of the best LPs hes done during this bossa nova, samba rock, samba swing days… Perhaps this record will be played most of the time we share some brazilian tunes!… dig it!


Jorge Ben – vocals / guitar


Joao “Comanche” Parahyba – tamba / drums

Neru – pandeiro – vocals

Grits – quica – pandeiro – vocals



1. Oba, la ven ela

2. Domenica domingera nao domingo linda vestida de branco

3. Charles Jr.

4. Pulo pulo


5. Apareceu aparecida

6. O telefone tocou novamente

7. mulher brasileira

8. Terezinah

9. Forca Bruta

Participao Special: TRIO MOCOTO

Tecnicos de gravacao: Joao Moreira


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