David Dolnick: Listen Recovery Crew, journey to The Greek coast. by D.Dolnick

For ya’ll that don’t know, the Listen Recovery Crew got a few members off the Californian plato. Dj Nuts in Brazil, Dj Sesqui & Tah Rei in Portland, and last but not least, our brethren David Dolnick.  David is a huge archivist and enthusiastic collector of Bob Marley and the Reggae world.  Rich and I first meet David at our headquarters in 2005.  The first time we meet, David had heard of us (listen recovery) about our passion for collecting and archiving music from around the world.  He also knew that we are huge Bob Marley fans.  So he’s introduction to us was, “Hi guys, my name is David and I’m here to share a cd with you guys… I hope you guys enjoy and appreciate this gift”, “Is basically some studio recording sessions of Bob Marley in Miami and Kingston”.  To our surprise David had more than just 15 tracks in one cd.  Time passed and David bacame part of the Listen Recovery Crew.  Helping curator for the Crew. David had shared many ideas for future projectsl, including some replicas of Bob Marley and some reggae icons wore drobe.  Also, David and Listen Crew are working on the new ‘blazer’ collection for 2010.

And an interview about ‘The bridge to Roger Steffens Archives”.  From 1997-2006

I’ll write more about David Dolnick in the near future and his collective ideas for the crew.  David is currently traveling the Greek coast line.

Here is his lastest letter to us and his friends.  And of course some photos as well.  David is a huge fan of Phillycheese steak sandwiches.  Some of the photos include the encounters with his fave fast eats. In this case… we say… Travel Wide.

Dear Friends and Family,

We’ve made it and it’s even more amazing than I expected. I’ll start from the beginning of our voyage that began with a red-eye to Philadelphia on Friday evening. I once heard a joke it went like this “Grand Prize, one week in Philadelphia—2nd place, two weeks in Philadelphia.” Well if that was correct, then our 9 hour layover in Philly was to be the ultimate prize, and it did not disappoint. The goal in our 9 hours: one Philly cheese steak and one Liberty Bell (to go please). As many of you know, I am an enormous fan of the cheese steak, and wandering through the streets of downtown Philly there seemed to be an opportunity at every corner. But I was holding out for Pat’s King of Steaks, the mecca of all culinary disease on the Eastern seaboard. Lugging around two twenty pound “carryons” limited our mobility to say the least, and after a few hours the struggling, sweat, heat and sleeplessness started to catch up with us. Thankfully we found a bench in a park, adjacent to a cafeteria with liquid hydration and the famous Philly Soft Pretzels for dehydration.

So why was this trip even more amazing than I expected? Because in front of the park we were sitting at, as we contemplated our next move, they had a “Best of Philadelphia” cheese steak competition. “Are you kidding me?” was the only thing I could think about as I waited an hour before the incredible chefs got their tools ready to create heaven in a bun. Steaks on South (SOS), Dalessandro’s and Chubby’s were the three featured restaurants. We only had time for 2 lines (Dalessandro’s and SOS), and although SOS had the most polished getup (SOS van, hired magician/cheerleader, professional signage) they should have spent their time on making a better sandwich. Dalessandro’s got our vote—hands down they were awesome

Then a ten hour flight to Athens, where we connected with ease to a 40 minute flight to Santorini. United took us to Philly, US Air to Athens and Aegean Air to Santorini. To our surprise Aegean Air was FAR superior in quality of plane and service (although McDonalds could have beat US Air, the only thing crappier than the length of the flight were the stewardesses that we shared it with).

At noon on Sunday we arrived in Santorini and with the help of our hotel (ariscaves.gr), a taxi was waiting for us with a man holding a sign with our name on it. We were told we needed it since on your own, no one could find the hotel. They were right, no numbers, no nothing, just endless random streets and walkways all over. Aris Caves are extremely unique. They are caves built into the side of the cliffs in Oia (pronounced ee-ya, on the southwest end of the island). There are only 7 apartments and we are staying in #5. It’s awesome. Christa is the lady who operates the property and she is extremely friendly with great advice.

The first order of business was to unpack, eat and get to the beach. Eating was very good. Fantastic greek salad, amazing Tzatzki and the rest was just OK. At the north end of Oia we walked down to some EXTREMELY rocky beach front. The water did not treat us well and we ended up falling asleep on the beach attempting to layout. As we walked back the sun started to go down. We were previously told that the Sunset in Santorini is like a religion, with hundred s of people flocking to the nooks and crannies of the western end of the Island for a picture. Once again this advice rang true and we found some fantastic places and took some amazing pictures. Much like life, some people are stupid and many stopped at “central” locations lining up 3-4 people deep to get a good picture. Thankfully Bronwyn and I know how to move our legs and found some great unobstructed views in a few of these small nooks of the cliff.

Following this we went back to our cave (so cool that I can say cave and actually mean it!) and I went out to grab some dinner to bring it back. Gyros for 2.50 Euros – AMAZING! Unfortunately, as I have seen all over the island, Gyros come in 2 flavors – chicken or pork. What, no lamb? I’m still investigating why but I’ve never seen pork Gyros, only chicken, beef or lamb – Very strange. In any case, lamb seems hard to come by around the island. Something I once thought was a staple of Greek life (well maybe just not on the islands, or at least this one), can’t seem to be found everywhere – I’m still adjusting my culinary expectations.

Day 2 was filled with more fun. A place called Red Beach filled with red/black sand and enormous gorgeous red cliffs, and a beach called White Beach filled with white sand and white cliffs. Amazingly, they were only a couple hundred meters apart (and yes they are both very creatively named!) We spent some time shopping around another town called Fira and had a very nice dinner overlooking the sunset. Although I was never a journalist, I happen to know a few and they’ve told me people like lists. I like lists to so I’ll tell you 5 things I’ve learned…

1) 1. Greek Salads come with HUGE chunks of Feta cheese on them, almost like they’re trying to get rid of the stuff.

2) 2. Souvlaki has so far sucked. I’ve tried it 3 times from 3 very different places, one that came highly recommended. They cook the meat too long, so it comes out dry and VERY boring. Not even worth eating. I have given it up for the time being.

3) 3. Lots more Japanese tourists than I thought.

4) 4. The Tzatzki has been AWESOME everywhere we’ve had it. Bronwyn is a connoisseur and she’s has said it’s as good as she’s ever had.

5) 5. Rule for ALL toilets in Santorini – no toilet paper down the pipes. Yes, that was a surprise and I wonder how the Starwood Resort deals with that?

Santorini is beautiful, just love it here. Not many trees, lots of plants and bushes and tons of Bougainvillea (and for my guy friends that is a plant, NOT a disease). Ok that’s all for now. This update is on delay but such is life on an island 🙂

Hope everyone is doing well!!!

David Dolnick

Listen Recovery Crew

Cheese Steak Award

Dalassandros Steak

Deep in Thought looking at White Beach

White Beach


Sunset Part 1

Sunset Part 2

Night in Santorini

Our Cave


Red Beach Part 2

Red Beach

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