LIMA, Peru in photography, by Oliver ‘Souls’ Velasquez

procesion del Señor de los milagros

Señor De Los Milagros “Prosecion” Octubre 2008, Mes Morado.

procesion del la virgen

‘Prosecion De La Virgen Del Carmen’, Lima, October “Mes Morado”

colorful churches

Colorful Church in Centro de Lima.

Parque del Amor, Barranco

‘Los Enamorados’ estatue in Playa de Barranco, Coast of Lima.

Miraflores, playa Macaja

Miraflores, Playa Macaja, Lima

Costa Verde, Rosa Nautica Rest.

La Rosa Nautica, Restaurant Nautico de Lima, Playa COSTA VERDE. Miraflores

CLICK on photo to enter their page.

Costa Verde, desde Magdalena

Playing a game of futbol or ‘Pichanguita’, (a brief game of soccer)

mazamorra y arroz con leche (pudding)

Mazamorra morada (purple corn pudding from Peru), Arroz con Leche (rice pudding, international know, this one from Peru)

acordeonista, Lima

Acordion player in the streets of Centro de Lima.

Jiron, Lima

Strees of Centro de Lima, ‘Calles Limeñas’ (Lima vieja)

valcones Lima Vieja

Balconies in Lima Vieja


Esquina or Corner in Lima street

Cerro San Cristobal, Lima

El Cerro San Cristobal / San Cristobal Mountain

micro bus/ combi / chama

Micro or Bus also know as ‘Combi’

Inka Kola, el sabor del Peru.

Inka Kola, if you are in Peru, you cannot scape from drinking Inka Kola, even if you don’t drink soda…

CLICK on the photo to see the INKA KOLA history.


“how can I be scare of the night, if the night is me?”

entrade del Palacio de govierno

Entrance of the ‘Palacio de Gobierno’ or Peruvian President’s house


Palacio de Gobierno, Lima Peru, Plaza De Armas, Centro de Lima



policia de transito / transit police

Traffic Cop

alo! si...

yes!.., Security are loaded too.

donofrio, helados

Helados D’onofrio, Peruvian brand Ice Cream… dig it!

CLICK on the photo to go to D’onofrios Ice Cream in Peru


Huaca in City of Miraflores, ‘Huaca de Miraflores’, Lima.  The Ancient civilization in Lima.  They preserve many of this archiological parks.

Lima de noche

At night, behind the Palacio De Gobierno, Lima

"la noche esta joven!"

Side street from “Alameda de Chabuca Granda” in Centro De Lima.

que rico!

Peruvian queen, eating a piece of fruit from her drink. Lima night life

mi gente, lo mas grande de este mundo!

Night Life, Lima Peru

hasta las 6 de la mañana me bacilo!

6 am, Lima


The “PISCO” is from Peru, Pisco Queirolo, most famous brand of Pisco in Peru.

CLICK on the photo to visit QUEIROLO’s web page. Peru

cancha serrana, usually eaten with 'ceviche de pescado o mariscos'

Cancha Serrana, peruvian appetaizer, goes well with Ceviche and cold peruvian dishes.

papa con tres ajis peruanos

Peru has many types of chilli, we call them “aji”, here is tree types in one plate of potato, not to mention we have about 5000 types of potatos in Peru… dig it!

lomo saltado, Lima

The popular / famous Peruvian dish in the world, “Lomo Saltado”

las calles de Lima no paran de trabajar

Los Ambulantes / The Street vendors, Lima Peru

aeropuerot internacional Jorge Chavez, Lima Peru

Intl. Airport “Jorge Chavez”, Lima Peru

CLICK on the photo to visit LAP, Intl., Airport Jorge Chavez, Callao, Lima PERU


4 Responses to “LIMA, Peru in photography, by Oliver ‘Souls’ Velasquez”

  1. very cool

  2. hey!I loved your pics!all your comments of thepictures are so accurate! and the pictures are oh!so amazine!!! congratZ!

  3. Ivan & Libia Says:

    Thank You for the great pictures.
    Will be seeing them in person in a few days.

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