MALECO COLLECTIVE: intro / bio of a band. Latin Movement

Maleco Collective

Maleco Collective is the brainchild of critically acclaimed Spanish Hip-Hop Artist, Malverde, and Latin Grammy Nominated Artist/Producer, Marthin Chan.  The two met through industry ties and always talked about working on a project together.  Their first opportunity came when Marthin asked Malverde to feature on a song he produced for Dominican songstress, Chana, called “The Whistler”.  The experience inspired them to move forward with a collaborative effort of their own. What began as exploratory jam sessions quickly evolved into a genre-bending project.  In the small pre-production studio behind Marthin’s house in Echo Park, CA, “Maleco Collective” was born.

Marthin introduced Malverde to two other talented musician/songwriters, Cuevo Perez and Ibo Rodriguez, who quickly jumped on the project. Fusing elements of Hip-Hop, Alternative, Ska, Classic Rock and Electro with Traditional Latin sounds, the guys themselves marveled at the sounds they were creating.  The music transcended genres and categorizations.  Their initial plan of putting together a 5 song EP evolved into a full- length album. With many musicians, songwriters and industry folks frequenting Marthin’s Echo Park hub, the buzz around their new project quickly spread.

The group soon realized they needed a name for the band.  They reflected on what had been integral to the project becoming a reality. The project had been born out of the artistic vibrancy that exists within the Echo Park-Silver Lake community and therefore it should be incorporated into the group’s name.  Echo spelled “Eco”, as in eco-friendly is synonymous with being earth-friendly, organic and all natural.  That was the essence of their sound.  Malverde (Mal) + Marthin’s studio in Echo Park (Eco) + a talented group of individuals (Collective) = “Maleco Collective”.  Furthermore, eco-friendly also meant going “green” so Mal-Eco = Mal-Green = Mal-Verde, it all made sense.

Featured guest vocalists include Heidy of “Los Hollywood” and Maria Fernanda of “Helios Jive.”  On drums, Argel Cota of “Nino Astronauta”, on Trumpet and Trombone, Everardo and Joe of “Upground”, Session Bass, Jose “Pepe” Alonzo of “Maria Fatal.” Digital Audio Arrangements and Compositions, Montana Jose. Engineering the project, also adding winds, Moog and Fender Rhodes keys, Eugene Toale.  Eugene also engineered Kanye West’s “The College Drop Out”. Handling the mastering of the album was Gavin Lurssen.  Gavin won his 4th Grammy in 2009 for mastering the “Album of the Year” winner “Raising Sand” by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. Last but not least, featured guest, Cesar Pliego, Bass player for Grammy winning Mexican group “Kinky”, added his flavor and touch to the project.

With Malverde on vocals, Marthin on keyboards, Cuevo on lead guitar and Ibo on bass, their music can only be described as Pueblo. Musica del Pueblo, para el Pueblo (Music of the people, for the people).  The Maleco Collective fulfills their pact to explore the universal essence of music with their new sound.  At a time when the state of music has become oversaturated and formulaic, they provide true-music lovers with a breath of fresh air and the opportunity to join them on their journey.  Preparense!

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