Delicious Vinyl & Wax Poetics: DEF JEF, Soul Food Anniversary.

It was a brief homecoming of talent and entrepreneurs. DV (Delicious Vinyl) owners Mike ‘Floss’ Ross and Rick Ross presented a night of fun, food, and music. Along with Rapper’s Delight catering, some live painting by our main man Jonas Lynch aka David Lynch on the 1′ and 2’s… (inside joke).  It was a cool afternoon, even thou it got a bit chilling… some fire and good food calmed the coldness…

One Love to Delicious Vinyl brothers Rick and Mike Ross.  And hugs to our brother Dennis Coxen from Wax Poetics.

Dig it!

high in the sky!

exclusive TALK BOX screen by Wax Poetics

exclusive DV screen by LISTEN CLOTHING

jonas starting ALEX ACUÑA

De La Soul and Erikah Badu paintings by Jonas Lynch 2009

Run DMC 2 piece

15 space on Cahuenga blvd

thats right DILLA in the house

vendor neighbors  DV

exclusive t-shirt by DV & WAX POETICS by Def Jef

alex acuña

Javier Neciosup is Alex Acuña’s son and owner of Lima Lounge Restaurant in the city of Tarzana, Ca.  Jonas is been hire to do several paintings for the restaurant.  We (listen recovery Jonas managers) suggested to take him to the event and do it in a better and more uplift atmosphere, Jonas agreed to paint live at the DV Wax Po show.  It’s the 1st painting of many that Jonas will be creating in the next few months. Some of the other characters his painting for Lima Lounge are: Eva Ayllon (Peruvian Afro Queen), Chabuca Granda (Peruvian Iconic singer), Ronaldo Campos de la Palma (founder of Peru Negro Enssemble Afro Peruvian Band and Dance group), Nicodemes Santa Cruz & Caitro Soto (part of Peru Negro in the 60’s and 70’s / Iconic Afro Peruvian legend).

movin' culture closer to you...

Dj Marlon Fuentes aka Bunda Funk


Mighty Junebugg owner of Rapper's Deligh



3 Responses to “Delicious Vinyl & Wax Poetics: DEF JEF, Soul Food Anniversary.”

  1. BundaFUNK! Says:

    JuneBugg killed it with her Delicious FOOD. Off the Chain!!!

  2. def and the soul brothers ripped it and y no pic of the acts lol!!!

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