LISTEN RECOVERY: David Dolnick from Mykonos, return to Greece. part 2

Hi Friends,

We are 100% not regretting our decision to go to Mykonos instead of Petra. The more we’ve thought about it, the more we realized that Jordan, Israel, southwest Turkey etc… are all fantastic destinations for a future voyage.

There is not a ton to report about Mykonos. It’s a tourist-centric island (much like Santorini) that caters to the younger crowd (18-25). At night, techno music fills the town of Mykonos, blaring from cafes, bars and nightclubs. In between zillions of designer clothing and jewelry stores, and of course Greek restaurants line the numerous confusing path/alleyways that make up the town. We are staying just a few miles south of that area, at a hotel on the beach called Hotel Acrogiali ( It’s 60 euros/night and includes a hot breakfast buffet, free Internet in the lobby and beach chairs in front of the hotel – a super deal and surprisingly, the same price as the hotel we cancelled in Petra.

Numerous sandy white beaches, some more secluded than others, line the southern end of the island, and there’s a “boat taxi” that for 5-7 euros (roundtrip) provides you quick access to all of them. The most famous beaches are Paradise and Super Paradise. The “Super” in Super Paradise, I have been told, means super gay. We went to Paradise Beach today and it was cool, but a little bit of a disappointment. When you’re told you’re going to Paradise, you expect something more lavish. The beach was a little smaller than I thought and the clientele was not the young, hip crowd I was expecting. Older couples, gay men and, for some reason, many groups of Italians. The western end of Paradise Beach is the nude section, and let’s just says when you think of the word paradise, you don’t think of what I saw.

In accordance with the young crowd, there are lots of cool water activities. Jet skis, scuba diving, inner tubes, speed boats etc… All of this is a far cry from the more relaxed and honeymoon-friendly atmosphere in Santorini. If Mykonos is San Francisco, Santorini is Los Altos.

So I don’t have much more to add to this update. My days have been consumed with lying on the beach, eating gyros and thinking about not being in the desert.

Take care everyone!

David Dolnick

Listen Recovery out!

Beach in front of our Hotel

Fishing in Mykonos

Hotel Acgrorali - our hotel

Paradise Beach 1

Pasta making in front of Italian Restaurant

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