EL MALO: meeting Willie Colon at KJAZZ 88.1fm on a Friday night. 2008 photo by Marlon Fuentes

renz and willie colon

It was the day before the Tribute to Hector Lavoe at the Greek Theater.  We didn’t plan to attend the show.  The Friday before the show, as we where listening to Jose Rizo on KJAZZ  88.1 fm”Jazz on the latin side”. Jose mention that some of the artist performing at the tribute to Hector will be in the studio for interviews and promoting the show.  Marlon and I (Renz) go on the road quick, since we lived in Long Beach, and kjazz is @ CSULB.

To our arrival, it started to rain.  The first rain of the season pour on us as we walked to the radio station on campus.  We stood at the door of the station for about 10 min. Till Jose came out and allowed us to wait in the lobby.  About 30 min after arriving at the station, Jose came out from the studio and asked us a few questions.  Jose also told us that only two artist will be attending the studio that night. Jose said, “Do you want to know who it is?… we replied.. “yeah”… “Willie Colon and La India”… When we heard that Willie was coming, we studded still in a bit of shock, as we smiled we thanked Jose Rizo for his hospitality.

Records where ready to get signed as we waited… About 1.35 min later… Willie and La India of NY arrived at the station along with their managers and promoter of the event.  It was great to finally meet “EL MALO”.  Guapea Willie Colon!!!… “El Diablo!!!”… H. Lavoe.



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