Fuertes Collection.

ballenato hat Rnz

I almost left this thoughts unsaid… This design is inspired by the long years of recovering and diggin’ for Latin “Fuentes” record vinyls. Since our 1st trip back to Peru in 2004, We’ve been researching and learning about the Historic label from Colombia.  The label that gave us Fruko Y Sus Tesos, Los Corraleros, Afrosound, The Latin Brothers, Lizandro Meza, Macondo wow and many more…  My brother Rich Spirit and I (Renz) are sharing these days all the music inspired by the Fuentes Label.. from Salsa to Cumbias to Agua ardiente Sounds like Afro-colombian bands as La Cumbia Moderna de la Soledad… all of this bands and artist are played in our sets and mixes nowadays…  Stay in touch with our news and stories about our diggin’ journeys and experiences in Latin America countries such as Peru and Colombia…

One of our main inspirations as well is Maestro Alfredo Linares from Peru, who know is living and working with Wil “Quantic” Holland in Cali, Valle de Cauca, Colombia… our greatest admiration to one of the best in the piano… Respects!

And to all of our brothers and sisters that are keeping the soul of Cumbias from Peru to Mexico… We say!  Orale!, Parce!, Chevere!…

We are one in music… CUMBIAS PA BAILAR!!!

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