JORGE BEN: Samba Esquema Novo LP


JORGE BEN ‘Samba Esquema Novo’ LP download here


1. Mas, Que Nada!

2. Vem, Morena, Vem

3. Tim, Dom, Tim

4. Chove, Chuva

5. Rosa, Minina Rosa

6. Quero Esquecer Você

7. A Tamba

8. Menina Bonita Não Chora

9. Balança Pema

10. É Só Sambar

11. Uala, Ualala

12. Por Causa de Você, Menina

This is Jorge Ben – Samba Esquema Novo (1963), for Philips, with well-known Jorge Ben compositions in a short and solid session featuring best of bread Samba Jazz combos from the early 60’s. Jorge Ben had also Maestro Carlos Monteiro de Souza and Lindolpho Gaya in charge of arrangements. Anyway, I feel stupid writing about an album that everybody loves and that everybody wrote wonderful things about. That’s why I will let with Jorge Ben and his Samba Esquema Novo.

ZECALORO for Loronix blogspot


J.T. Meirelles e os Copa 5

Lindolpho Gaya

Carlos Monteiro de Souza

Os Bossa Três


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