Man!… is been quite some time since Dj Sesqui stepped foot into the Afro Funke dj booth.  I say about 4 years.  During his commute from SD to LA before departing to Portland, OR.  Is a great honor to continue the tradition on good international music in such a great traditionalist lounge as Afro Funke is!… excuse my ‘Ingles’ I’m from Lima, Peru… and this is how I express my thoughts…

I’ll be arriving early for a meeting with the active members of our organization / crew, including Marlon Fuentes, Tron 7 Seas, Rich Spirit, Dj Still Wil and yours truly… Today July 28th We “Peruanos” celebrate the PERU INDEPENDENCE DAY. “El 28 de Julio”… Is a very special day for Peruvians living outside of our country.

So hope to see you there if you are in the LA, Santa Monica area.. We’ll be playing music from around all South America, Including a very special set with an surprise guest on the congas.

Dig deep, to get deeper…



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