THE WAILERS ’73 performing at Paul’s Mall: photo copyright Clif Garboden (words by Renzo Revelli)

clif garboden

It’s funny how time does this 360 thing.  It’s even funnier in a good way when you get what is not expected.  I’ve read the book. “The Secret” and saw the movie… is not something out of this world, is basically one of those things we all have inside of us, that sometimes in life goes out without usage.  I’m talking about the energies we have mentally.  All of them… from a positive to a negative one… similar to the Ying Yang in Chinese mythology.  The balance of two extremes is what brings a desire.  “A wish”.

The Secret talks about having a wish and really thinking and talking about in a positive way, to encourage yourself that it’s going to happen sooner or later… the faith in us is what we speak of.  That it will happen, that good thing will happen. Small or big.  And this goes back to when a believer of faiths quotes, “God works in mysterious ways”.

We’ve posted couple of photos sent to us by our brethren David Dolnick.  As some of you know David is the main contributor to our Reggae Archives for Listen Recovery.  Archiving and researching in his free time, everything about The Wailers and Bob Marley and later on introducing us to Archivist of the Reggae world,  Mr. Roger Steffens.  About a few months ago, David send us some very nice photos of “The Wailers” at a tavern/club call Paul’s Mall,  I believe it was in Boston, 1973…  Correct us if we’re wrong David or Clif.  lol.

This time the photos didn’t come from Roger’s vault…

Clif Garboden is a photographer we just bumped  in to.  David sent his photos with a name copyright on the bottom corner.

We became aware of this historical photo shoot by Clif.  It couldn’t go unseen… We even want to write an entire article about this night, since Clif had the honor to experience it… We’re sure at that time in the career of The Wailers, every show was well given to the crowd.  Not to put down any performances there after.  But this one is very close to a “huge historical performance”.  We obtained the audio recordings of this show during 2005 to one of our constant visits at Roger’s vault.  Paul’s Mall is been one of our faves.  No let me rephrase that. Is the BEST recording during that time for The Wailers, personally speaking.  Because many of you haven’t heard it.

We’ve heard it numerous times… I’m eager to share this… but ‘protocols’ and mainly ‘integrity’ doesn’t allow us till we get a green light.

It is with great honor to introduce our community of readers and enthusiastic.  An exclusive photo shoot by photographer/gentlemen Mr. Clif Garboden, who has extended his mutual gratitude for our first postage by sharing such historical portraits of The Wailers.  Thank You Clif Garboden from the bottom of our hearts!.

Clif is also part of this historical performance, as the main photographer of the night.

P.S. Look out for a hopeful soon come interview with Clif Garboden.  If all goes well with our connection… oh yeah one last thing.


Listen Recovery

1 clif Garboden

Bob Marley and the Wailers performing at Paul’s Mall, a folk club on Boylston Street in Boston, in July, 1973.
Photo copyright Clif Garboden

2 clif GarbodenPaul’s Mall, a folk club on Boylston Street in Boston, in July, 1973.
Photo copyright Clif Garboden

3 clif GarbodenBob Marley and the Wailers at Paul’s Mall, Boston, July, 1973.
Photo copyright Clif Garboden

4 clif GarbodenAt Paul’s Mall, Boston, July, 1973.
Photo copyright Clif Garboden.

5 clif Garbodenphoto by Clif Garboden

6 clif GarbodenThe Wailers at Paul’s Mall, 1973 photo by Clif Garboden

7 Responses to “THE WAILERS ’73 performing at Paul’s Mall: photo copyright Clif Garboden (words by Renzo Revelli)”

  1. Hey, I and some college buddies were there too! I remember this show vividly. Too bad the photos don’t capture the thick haze of ganga that emanated from backstage. Absolutely phenomenal images, Clif!

    • One love Harvey, Is there a way to hear your experience? We would love to archive it for the blog… give us your thoughts. it will be like an interview of you and your experience at the Paul’s Mall show… Amazing to hear that you experienced the show… we have it on audio mp3s. Lets chat!

  2. I was a waitress at Paul’s Mall – which was primarily a jazz club – during the Wailer’s performance. In fact at the record party, we all received an autographed copy of the albumn. I made a big mistake. I wasn’t fond of their music so I gave it to the cab driver who drove me home. What a stupid mistake.

    • the memories are the key to any great time… the LP was a material thing… would love to interview you about the night.
      I can share w you the audio of the show as well as pictures that are not on this blog.
      send me your info. I have your email.
      All the love from above!

  3. Joe Alesi Says:

    I was there at Paul’s Mall in ’73 for Bob Marley and the Wailers. Funny thing, I was never a big reggae fan (my friiends kinda dragged me there) but in retrospect it was an incredibly fortunate opportunity. I get way too nostalgic when i think of all the great shows I saw at those basement clubs on Boylston St., Paul’s Mall and the Jazz Workshop …

  4. I was at that show. At the time I was a college student attending Boston College. One of my housemates was Chris Wilson who was a white kid from Kingston , Jamaica and introduced us to real reggae music. Chris went on to be a prominent force in reissuing early reggae recordings. I remember how much energy was present in that small space. We were all packed in like sardines. Lots of haze from the thick smoke from the stage, in fact there was alot of smoking going on throughout the room. Amazing times.

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