BUYEPONGO: SUNSET SUNDAYS, LB August 16th 2009 by Listen Recovery.

buyepongo cover 3

Another night full of cumbias and vallenato by LA’s own BUYEPONGO.  After a long night on August 15th.  Descarga Night at EL CID, and following by after hours events with fellow friends “Very Be Careful”.  We followed up with SUNSET SUNDAYS x CHANNEL ROCK MOVEMENT 5:00pm. Dj What!?, Mundo & Tyrone Ward. + Alfred Hawkins guest dj at 7:00-7:45

10 min after the boat docks out of the Harbor (7:35pm). BUYEPONGO continue the tradition of preserving Colombian Cumbia culture.  Dropping about 9 songs during our cruise in the Long Beach Harbor.  It was a night full of beautiful women, nice friends and good food.  Some lighters where used… and lots of smoke blowing was done at the 3rd deck floor.  BUYEPONGO literately killed it!…  Thanks to all the guys from the band, for keeping Latin Music culture alive! and of course our fam. at Channel Rock Movement.

Bardo: Vocals, Acordeon, Gaita flute.

Carlos: Tumba, Percussion, Vocals

Kevin: Percussion

Josh: Percussion/Yembe

Edgar: Guido, Vocals

Wil: Cow-bell

Randy: Bass, Vocals

Carlos tutoring Rich Spirit on the congas

Bardo aka Chicano Batman LISTEN RECOVERY

song list & Guido

Carlos rehearsing

Bardo and his family

Randy (middle), Ed (right) and their little bro.

kevin and josh BUYEPONGO percussion power

Carlos and Wil

Bardo and Edgar


5 min before the show

empesamos!!! BUYEPONGO!!@#$%!!!

Live! Bardo kicks it in... w the acordeon


Buyepongo live

BUYEPONGO, Sunset Sundays by Channel Rock Movement, footage by Listen Recovery Music Group


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