ALFREDO LINARES Interview by Roberto Ernesto Gyemant (span) / Translation by Listen Recovery (eng) Part 5

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alfredo cover RC77

From the album of Coco Lagos’ Ritmo Caliente “Yo voy a la capital”.

Those where my arrangements.  It was something similar to descarga. (snapping his fingers as he tells)


That’s my theme, that piece is a similar to Joe Cuba’s: “Guajira Boogaloo”

Sounds like a complete drum set

That’s Mario.  Mario Allison who revolutionized the ‘timbales’ in Peru

«La Descarga llegó»

My arrangements are present here.  The original theme is from Otto de Rojas.  The engineer always chose a good piano line. Ahh! Coco also played.

«Suenan los Cueros»

That’s Kiko,  Ah! I did that song… You are taking me to that era…

«Ahí viene Coco»

The song was made with my authority.  Alberto Castillo plays the flutes


Is my composition and also my arrangements.


Coco Lagos “Ritmos Calientes” LP

How have you acquire your piano sound?

Is my style, my touch.

Check this, the recording industry was a tough one during that time in Peru, that guy from MAG had us playing almost every day.  He had a vision of how descargas should off sound during that time: “Don’t record that!, do it like this!”, he would express to us.

Talk to me about Melcochita

During his first years he sounded like the Venezuelan guy who sang “caballo viejo” (an old salsa song). Melcocha was like an imitation of him.



And Simón Díaz

Ah! Exactly!.. Simon Diaz started to imitate Melcochita, in his own style.  And the people liked it, he was very funny… You know! He was a comedian with success.  When I arrived in Colombia his LP was playing a lot.

Mario Allison recorded his own descargas.  Did you participated in his as well?

I recorded a few things with Mario, but he leaned more towards big band sounds.  He liked the saxophones, the trumpets, all the brass.  As well as Nilo Espinosa.  They like big band sound very much.


Mario Allison Y Su Combo LP

What can you tell me anything about Pepe Moreno’s “Cantiflas’ Boogaloo”.  That’s another hot one from Peru.

That has nothing to do with me.  It was like a descarga… almost.  Pepe Moreno imitated “Cantinflas”, dressed like him, even had the same rip cuts on his pats as “Cantinflas” and danced like him.

I recorded a descarga with Pepe in Lima and is not on that LP.  He told me: “Descargamos” and I’ll recorded.  I don’t know what he did with that project.


Pepe Moreno Y Su All-Star Band

You have 25 years in the music world, have recorded 2 LP’s under your name, have lots of work ahead.  Do you feel that you have succeed ?

Well, I’ve always pushed my work forward, but I have to admit that God has always been in my side.  Since everything I did always came out right.  For example, when I visited Ecuador I had an interview with a man who was a manager; we talked about signing my orchestra to do some presentations in Ecuador.  Well, he didn’t like the song we presented to him, even after that, he tried to ignore us.  So We came back to Lima.  Time when by since the time he refused to work with us.  Then the same guy came to Peru to find musicians and everybody will tell him, “Go find Linares”.  So he came right back to my hands.  And it was to play for a show in New York or Puerto Rico.

To talk about Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz.  When both became evangelist and had a few problems with their churches; since they wanted to play salsa for God, then, there where some evangelist people who opposed to the music, saying it was music of the devil, that salsa had the devil inside.

On time a friend call me and told me: “Look, in my church they tell me I shouldn’t play music, because is bad.  So I told them: “lets see this from a Bible’s point of view”.  “If God gives me the gift of music, how am I suppose survive in life? If God game me the talent, is for me to used and make my living. right?”

In the Bible there is a lot of music and lots of poetry, King David sang to God, the singing of sing…

Yeah. That tells us that music comes from up there.  God is a happy God.  He doesn’t want for men and women to be sad.  Truthfully is the opposite, he gave us his talent to transmit his power, that’s why we transmit music to people.

You music is for dancing, provably during the 70’s there was more dance music in Cali, Colombia than anywhere else in the world.  You’ve told me you get happy to see people dancing to your music. Do you feel happiness when you play the piano?

Of course! I feel it!.  I get in concentration when I play with my soul, with my heart and my mind, you are giving all of you…

And people can feel it in your music.

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  1. “I recorded a descarga with Pepe in Lima and is not on that LP. He told me: “Descargamos” and I’ll recorded. I don’t know what he did with that project.”

    This is the LP he’s referring to

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