The Music of Cleopatra on the Nile LP (MVM Records)

The Music Of Cleopatra on the Nile < (download LP)

This is an original MONO pressing of an Arabic Eastern Jazz LP

Cleopatra was synonymous with all things exotic since the memory of red blooded man was first recorded. Her famed beauty and charm are legendary. In this album of oriental music, we have recreated the musical atmosphere that surrounded the fabulous Cleopatra where ever she went.

The aura of lush living is confirmed via the sensuous sound created by native musicians playing the authentic instruments of the time of Cleopatra.

Dancing girls with mysterious motions, stir gentle breezes with their perfumed veils as they sway to the strains of this, the most exotic music of all time.

Imagine yourself bedecked in golden finery, attended by gleaming Nubians whose only mission is to cater to your every whim, and you will have completed the picture of “The Music of Cleopatra on the Nile”.

13 Responses to “The Music of Cleopatra on the Nile LP (MVM Records)”

  1. Why do you think its Mulatu & Sun Ra? I know it sounds like, but this record was released around cca 1950 (thats what They say) and Mulatu was born in 1943. Check this (if you dont know it):

    • the songs are written by Mulatu w/ some arrangements by Sun Ra, is a rare 10 inch record from India, the collector that shared this with us, is a huge collector of Sun Ra, and He came across this record about 10 years ago, He’s never seen it ever since he got it. We had the same question. But he was kind to send us the liner notes of the record. The mentioning of both artist is on the story of the making of the album. There is no credits written. IS a very old copy.

  2. And are these informations available somewhere in the matrix? I guess these linear notes are the insert of the record that nobody have. Originaly there should be insert in the record. The music is really great (if its really true, that sun ra and mulatu colabo, than the sound is very significant) + the record seems to be as mysterious as Cleopatra herself. Thanks for anwer before. Peace & keep digging, WRKB.
    Here they just sold it in action:

    • I didnt find much info about label too. Information I have found on didnt look very relevant to this record. Fockin mystery. WRKB

  3. I picked this up last night at a book shop / music venue opening. I only got the vinyl sans cover so thanks for the information. I’m very interested in finding out anything else about this record.

  4. Hey, I’ve owned a copy of this record for about 10 years and from what I remembered hearing, the players were all noted session men but none of great notoriety. I could be wrong, of course, but that’s what I was told by somebody who seemed to know what they were talking about.

  5. This site attributes the clarinet playing to Joe Maneri. Joe has a website but you can only contact him via snail mail (! It might be worth it to solve the mystery.

  6. It is indeed Joe Maneri’s first session. I first learned this when his son played me the record over 10 years ago. He knew details about the recording and Sun Ra was not involved. The record was released on Mt. Vernon Music, a small label that did knock-off/cash-in records (so this was to Liz Taylor what Sun Ra was to Batman on the Tifton lp).

  7. I should also add that Joe Maneri passed away last year, so don’t expect a reply from him

  8. My family bought this record in the early- to mid- 1960’s, likely in washington DC, where we lived from 1965-1968. Since the cover definitely copies Elizabeth Taylor’s look in the film, Cleopatra, which came out in 1963 (per Wikipedia), I’ve always thought the LP came out sometime around ’65. By the way, Recordo Obscura… this album IS the soundtrack of my life! I have been listening to it since I was a kid. All my friends have always loved it too. It’s an amazing album.

  9. It seems to be a very intresting LP. It’s a pity Zshare links are down.

  10. found this at a garage sale today….anyone need it??

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