AFRO LATINOS Film: Photos from Haiti. by Renzo Devia


5 Responses to “AFRO LATINOS Film: Photos from Haiti. by Renzo Devia”

  1. robin willoughby Says:

    trying to text for the first time 10.00 to yele501501, who do I send it to?

  2. The pictures I see of my people, Why can’t everyone live in peace, and have the same opportunities as oter little children, it’s not fair!!!!!!! I wish I had Oprah money, I can’t keep seeing these pictures and help, some one please email me with an organization I can join to help I promise I will make a difference, I don’t have plenty money like some, but my heart is way bigger than some hearts!!!!

  3. Claudette Frederique Says:

    Omg! You visited Haiti! Hello my dear friend Renzo, its been too long. I knew you would take life by the horns and make a difference. As you may remember I am of Latino-haitian decent. Email me, we have to catch up!

  4. Cuanta ternura y amor en estas fotos. Fascinante ver el mundo junto.

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