SUN RA 7″ / ROY PORTER 12″ rare (LP Covers only)

Coming across some rare records in various places, we bump into a good friend of us… Who also collects and trades vinyl.  One of the  record covers was in bad condition the cover is signed by ROY, but! never the less the vinyl was in mint condition. The record by the late ROY PORTER call “In A Groove”, I’ve Google this record and cannot find it, I’ve also came across it once on Ebay with out a cover at $250. Is been about a month since I got it, and today I will listen to it… Sometimes it takes a “minute” (a long time) for us to Listen (ironically) something we got for the collection. ROY PORTER “In A Groove” LP (obo: $20)

The other record (7″) is by the mystic man himself Mr Sunny Ray Aka SUN RA.  I’ve taken a pic of the details in an artistic way, so hope you can get some info from it.  This records was obtained on Ebay.  SUN RA “I am Strange / I am an Instrument” ($5.50 + shipping)

enjoy this flix!

we dig deep, to get deeper…

ROY PORTER “In A Groove”

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