BOB. “In his spirit we share”. (download demo tracks)

B.M. (During a spliff break and interview)  New Zealand 1979

Is always been a personal “thing” for us. BOB MARLEY, “a very personal thing of ours”. Because is goes beyond the music and mystic man. The music transcends only one message, LOVE!  Who knows Bob knows of LOVE!. So in the spirit of LOVE we share today with you some personal “thing” that is Robert Nesta Marley Booker as his birth certificate reads.

Here we have created a replica of an iconic photo shoot in Jamaica, around 1979. As you may know, Bob’s pass time was the gathering of friends and play a game of futball (soccer).  Bob was no stranger to the global sport, matter of fact, he carry with him a futball at all times, everywhere he traveled, everywhere he settle in, the futball was with him.  So in the spirit of futball & Bob, we have created the SHC t-shirt (Survival Health Club).

This blog will also share a very rare and exclusive track from the Demos pulled out from Roger Steffens Archive Vault.  With the permission of Mr. Steffens we share this originals and unpublished demo tracks call “SUN IS SHINNIN’ & RUNNIN AWAY”

February is a celebration of Black History Month in the US,  I hope the entire world celebrates this month at any time of the year.  Is our obligation to extend the awareness of Black Human Culture, which has shape the history of man kind.  Bob Marley is the perfect example of this celebration.  HAIL UP RASTA IN THE MOST HIGHEST SKIES!

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY Prof. Robert Nesta Marley Booker!

Listen Recovery remembers and follows your leading path.

inspired by Bob Marley’s wore drove during futbol matches 1979 by Listen Clothing

Jamaica 1979

Brazil 1980

MIAMI 1980 Demos / Studio

Runnin’ Away

Sun Is Shinnin’

^download tracks

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