Jonas Lynch: JOHN COLTRANE (commision painting) private collector

(past blogs about Jonas Lynch on Listen Recovery)

Some of you guys might know by now from our previews blogs about our man, Jonas Lynch.  Fine artist from the state of Iowa, commuted to Long Beach CA about 12 years ago, were his ignition for fine art started. Jonas is a  graphic designer as well as a tattoo apprentice now living in Sacramento, CA.  Last Wed. FEB. 3rd, Jonas showed up to our HQ at LISTEN RECOVERY with a new painting commission for a private collector in Malibu, CA.  The Private collector had bought his one of a kind piece of Billy Holiday (singer) and had asked Jonas to paint a portrait of Mr. John Coltrane.  Jonas came up with the idea of painting a 36″ x 36″ canvas this time instead of his usual 36″ x 24″.  The jazz mood cool feeling was flowing… and Mr. Lynch go to it in no time.  By the time he arrived at our HQ, he only had to paint the few touches for the shadows… Here are some flix from that day!

3 Responses to “Jonas Lynch: JOHN COLTRANE (commision painting) private collector”

  1. mightyjunebugg Says:

    Dope Jonas!!!

  2. Isn’t my son wonderful?!?!

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