TRIORGANICO @ Hancock Univ. LB, March 28th 2010 (footage by Listen Recovery)

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During March of 2009, to be exact March 20th, We attended the annual Royce Hall EVA AYLLON Concert.  After the performance we notice a new instrumentalist on stage, who Eva announced as his new invite on her tour,  letting us know that we was the percussionist for Mark Anthony.  His name Ricardo “Tiki” Pasillas, who shared some words as we and Marco Campos exchanged inside jokes… Pasillas was kind to introduce himself to us as we approached Lima Lounge in Tarzana (after-party destination after Eva’s show) where of course in natural tradition we shared some burns in the air.  It was a beautiful night along the Hermanos Campos (Peru Negro).

Fabiano Do Nacimiento reached my hand a few times with Sergiob Melnizecho, as well in different terms with my brethren Aloe Blacc.  I had heard many good things musically from Aloe about Fabiano… I guess sooner or later we would meet and give our chats outs on about music… cool cat!.

As for Pablo Calogero, is my first time meeting him… I was very pleased to see his abilities on the flute brass and the Colombian Gaitas… took me by surprise.

Today March 28th, after having a notion about Ricardo’s new Triorganico, I encounter myself with the humble/strong band in my own town of Long Beach.  The opportunity of coming along with my partner in crime MightyJunebugg to a Haiti Relief silent art action would have never gave me the idea to think I would experience a brief evening with the trio.  It was around 8:30pm, 30 min before the closing of the action, in where I had bit on one painting.  Ricardo “Tiki” setting up, true indeed, the band was setting up and around 8:45pm the Triorganico started to bless us with some deep bossa nova brazilian jazz fusion… here is Triorganico from Listen Recovery’s eye… dig it

Triorganico LP shop (link)

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