ANDRES LANDERO Biography by Luis Felipe Jamarillo/translated by Listen Recovery

Andres Landero, was born in San Jacinto, department (city) of Bolivar, on February 4th 1931.  His dad was a Gaitero by the name Andres Guerra and his mom Rosalba Landero.  At home little Andres grew up around a musical ambient.

At 18 years old, Andres looked for a job opportunity with a group of food and clothing vendors, they would visit all the nearby towns.  At the same time Andres showed his talent of interpreter, he would visit all the Festivities and Festivals as he visit town by town.

Since a very young age Andres learned how to play the accordion.  He remembers in 1950 was invited by Delia Zapata Olivella to form part of her dance group which at the time had a tour in Europe.  He couldn’t go due to his mothers oppositions.  He also remembers the big hamak “La hamaca grande” a song that was composed by Adolfo Echeverria, Landero was the first one to cover it and adjust it his way.

Andres Landero started to form his band and also entered many competitions were he found himself victorious.  He was the King of Cumbia in El Banco, Magdalena city, Sabanero King in Sincelejo, King of Arjona and Bolivar where he was named King of the Bolivarence Festival of the Accordion.

The travels started and Andres took his talent to Venezuela, Panama, Republica Dominicana and Mexico.  In Mexico he was named King of Cumbia. “It was my turn to open my eyes and ears so I could learn as well, then the trips to Mexico came, those where my best years!”. (Landero remembers).

I bought a little house in San Jacinto with the money I made in Mexico.  My dad showed me how to work the earth fields to cultivate fruits.  I have many oranges and other fruit trees there.

His main outstanding image in the world as the King of Vallenato singing was obtained thanks to the songs “La Pava Congona”, “La Muerte de Eduardo Lora”, “Marta Cecilia”, “La hamaca grande”, “Mercedes”, “Perdi las abarcas”, “Dolor guajiro”, “La espinita” and  “Suegra buena”.

The other face of Landero is that he is a “prolific” composer and his work can reach about 400 titles, in which some of them standout, like “Perdi las barcas” and “La Muerte de Eduardo Lora”, who he composed for one of his closes friends.  As Andres Landero acclaim to be.  With this last song he came out to the public.

Landero counts with a numerous fans national and international, as well in the United States in the Colombian colonies his music lives always as a representation of Colombian Folk.  In the crowd of fans there are writers of literature as well as very important politicians.  One of his main admires is Doctor Belisario Betancur, when he reached the maximum position in Colombia as president of the republic, in his trips to the Atlantic coast would call to Andres Landero to play for him.

“Andres Gregorio Guerra Landero” died in Cartagena on March 1st 2000.

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