THE BURNING TRAIN (India, Ballywood 1980)

The Burning Train was a Bollywood action film released in 1980 directed by Ravi Chopra and featuring a huge all-star cast. The plot revolves around a fast train named Super Fast Express, that catches fire on its inaugural run from New Delhi to Mumbai. The later Hollywood film Runaway Train (1985) has similarities to this movie.


Vinod Verma (Vinod Khanna) is an employee of the Indian Railways, who always had a dream of making the perfect and fastest train in India. After years of dedication the Railway Board approves his prototype of the Super Express. But these years had had their toll on his personal life, as his wife, Sheetal (Parveen Babi) and son, are more like strangers to him. He hopes to make it up to them after the train makes it inaugural run from Delhi to Bombay in a record 14 hours. Showing him support are his friends, Ashok (Dharmendra) and Rakesh(Vinod Mehra). But an embittered fellow-employee named Randhir (Danny Denzongpa), the son of the Chair of the Railway Board, has other plans for Vinod and the Super Express – plans that may derail Vinod’s delicate personal balance, and make the Super Express’ inaugural journey also the final one.

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  1. nostalgic.

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