TRIBO MASSAHI, Estrelando Embaixador 1972, BRAZIL

This record has only 2 long tracks, divided in 4 songs each, a long jam on both sides. Soulful, latin and african rhythms.

here is side A

here is side B

Liner Notes of LP

“Tribo Massáhi, starring Embaixador

This is a sound made in Brazil. With all the members (being) brazilian.

But the purpose is to show the young African music, with all its nuances that characterize the roots of the music from the Black Continent.

In this record we release many curious things. Starting with the rhythmic design, that was based on the camel’s steps, that is in the 4/4 rhythmic division, in the same vein as the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah and Soul Music, to which was given the name

OGA, because in Lagos, Nigeria’s capital, OGA is a kind compliment among friends. There, a man feels good when is compared to an OGA (camel).

Purposefully and proudly, Rivers label releases this new and different record, made for export, that’s not only dedicated to the discophiles, as well as the lovers of parties, night clubs, and even to those who are in love, because on both sides, there are no intervals. It’s a crazy and infectious rhythm.”

It’s hard to describe the music played by Embaixador and Tribo Massáhi. It has a Funky groove with lots of percussion, and vocals by Embaixador and a female chorus. Sometimes it sounds like African music, but not necessarily Afrobeat or Afrofunk; it’s more like a Candomble (African-Brazilian religion) chant. Also, it has some influences of psychedelic music, that is characteristic of the music made in the early 70’s. To me it sounds like they took some drugs and went to the studio make music and have some fun.

Each side has only one long track, that is divided in songs, although there are no intervals between them.

These are the tracklist and credits:

Side 1 – Timolô, Timodê

1 – Walk by jungle

2 – Fareua

3 – Harmatan

4 – Dandara

Side 2 – Lido’s Square

1 – Pae João

2 – Menina da janela

3 – OAN

4 – Madrugada sem lugar

Tribo’s members are:

Aymmi, Koffi, Korede, Kolawole, Duro Timi, Omopupa, Iyalode, and Abeke.

Guest musicians:

Lápis (cow bells), Romildo (Bass), Rui Barbosa (Acoustic guitar), and Nathalie (vocals).

2 Responses to “TRIBO MASSAHI, Estrelando Embaixador 1972, BRAZIL”

  1. na contribuicao de cada um de nos por um Mundo mais em Harmonia divulguem por favor esta intencao.

    muito obrigado a Todos .

  2. Thank you for this treasure.

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