NAIQUE “Nike com NUNCA” world cup project

Nunca is one of the most prolific ‘grafiteiro’ from the concrete jungle’s of Såo Paulo, Brazil.  From a young age starting as a “pixador”.

Francisco Rodriguez da Silva also call by his close friends “Kiko”.  Nunca has attracted the graffiti eye from every angle of the world, touring the European continent and participating in expositions in various events in his native Brazil.

Nunca was hit up by Nike sportswear “soccer” to do a project / collaboration for the upcoming World Cup in South Africa.  The collection included 3+ pairs of different styles of soccer shoes as well as a vulcanized high top, soccer jerseys, polos, t-shirts, hood sweaters and other items…

His trademark of Pixação has allow him to create icons and mascots for the collection as well as some indigenous artwork and his famous line work and bold pixo angles on his distinctive style.

Nike has release the collection this month, May 2010, and you can view more of Nunca x Nike Sportwear. (photos)>

GALLERY of NUNCA in BRAZIL (past blogs on Listen Recovery)

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