CHICANO BATMAN self title LP words by Renz De Madrugada

Chicano Batman is not just another band.  They bring you the times of Tropicalia, Slow Spanish Rock, WestSide Love story, La Bamba, Los Angeles Negros, Leo Dan, Pasteles Verdes, Roberto Carlos, Rigo Tovar to name a few. This are the many influences that has inspired the sounds of Chicano Batman. Bardo Martinez brings a melodic poetic sound with lyrics that will keep you singing their chorus back home in your car… You need to get your booty up and run to your near record store (Amoeba) asap and demand Chicano Batman’s new LP on Club Unicorino Records. Their self title debut LP cover is bananas… The sound is clean, good record for djs, matter of fact, Ive played it last night at Radio Bemba… La Manzanita… was the song I shared.  Sr Eduardo Arenas on the bass guitar and vocals, and Gabriel Villa hitting the drums with feeling of “rock urbano latino del tiempo de nuestros viejos”.  The Trio is real nice live and the record is just another way to enjoy some good tunes with a cup of wine at home with your “Lembracinha Samoana“. Chicano Batman’s first LP is full of surprises for all you diggers. Support Cultura in LA, so it can spread all over the globe, also go tell your pops and moms that “romantico slow rock and bossa nova is here to stay”

Renz De Madrugada

One Response to “CHICANO BATMAN self title LP words by Renz De Madrugada”

  1. Bardo Martinez Says:

    gracias mano.

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