HELCIO MILITO & DJ NUTS ” Encontro de gerações” / “Generations Meet” by Leonardo Lichote / Foto: Leonardo Aversa / Agencia O Globo

Dj Nuts e Helcio Milito – Foto Leonardo Aversa / Agencia O Globo

RIO – Founder of the legendary Tamba Trio, percussionist and drummer Helcio Milito, 79, is tired of his generation:

– The guy comes up to me, “Hélcio, beats that of the broom Tamba.” Wow, this is dying and being buried for 50 years! Once you play with the guys they tried to imitate, as Wes Montgomery, Gil Evans, Duke Ellington, sees that in jazz, you can even get close to the Americans. But it will be one more. My brother (the pianist Osmar Milito) is near. But I said to him: “My neighbor eight years (in Caramel, California) is playing better than you.” Why them, is like the Brazilian with a tambourine.
At 33 years, as if echoing the words of Milito, DJ Nuts – among other things, co-responsible for the fusion of samba and hip hop from Marcelo D2 – also talks about their differences for the gentlemen of his age:

– Among the DJs, there is a panorama of music-salad “My sound has hints of hip hop, Maracatu, I do not know what to …” That is so tacky! And empty. Who tries to do a bit of everything does nothing.
With 46 years separating them, they resolved to join their dissatisfactions with their peers and join forces for what they believe to be the song that should be done today by a percussionist with the formation of Milito and a DJ with the ambition of Nuts. The duo is preparing an album, yet untitled, to be released until the end of 2010 in the United States, released by Californian Mochilla – no release date in Brazil.

– Milito rode back home to as well (an instrument he invented in 1960, a kind of battery with african american accent, to playing standing, with leather, bamboo and pans) – account Nuts (Rodrigo Teixeira in the certificate). – He recorded some rhythms that are the basis for what I do collages, using records from my collection. All analog, I do not want anything electronic. Also recorded together with him on too and I at the turntables.
The inspiration for the also, Milito account came from space:

– A is also in the transformations of time, Brasilia, bossa nova, space conquest … The format of it came, in fact, thinking of the (Russian spacecraft) Sputnik reversed.
Nuts and Milito seek to evoke the sound african disk, while raw and elegant, the percussionist who has produced albums on CBS Records between 1968 and 1969. He was responsible for some albums that practically ignored at the time, now have cult status among DJs and collectors. LPs as “Krishnanda by Pedro Santos, and” Orquestra Afro-Brasileira, the percussion group led by conductor and metal Abigail Moura.

Krishnanda LP 1968

Orquestra Afro-Brasileira

The Orchestra Afro-Brazilian did not care for what people think of jazz – it reminds Milito. – They played with vibrato, that this group did not accept. I knew they would not sell, but was sure it would be important to record it. It was the same with Pedro Santos. I talked to CBS: “Let me do this, that after I burn for you a great big mess to sell.”
On her new CD on the rhythms of Milito (and using them as raw material), Nuts glue sounds Pedro Santos Orchestra and Afro-Brazilian, and others who move at the same frequency as the Tribe Massah also rare. But the DJ explained that there is no intention of making explicit references – that is, the music is above the exercise of identifying the connoisseur who came out of that disc.

– It’s all abstract, almost unrecognizable – he says, stressing that went unreleased recordings. – Milito came up with a roll of tape that he recorded in the 90s, also playing. I will use…



One Response to “HELCIO MILITO & DJ NUTS ” Encontro de gerações” / “Generations Meet” by Leonardo Lichote / Foto: Leonardo Aversa / Agencia O Globo”

  1. Joseph Lucido Says:

    Makes total sense … good for Helcio, my friend of many years.
    Joseph Lucido

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