RENZ DE MADRUGADA Bossa Canção mix (38:07 m) download, recorded by June 22

The content of this mix comes from my dirty records found in Brazil in 2006.  Some of this songs are part of my sets when I play Brazilian music, but for the most part, most of them I’ve never played for the public.  Usually I don’t play slow songs… In the last few months I’ve been playing slow tracks from Brazil & Perù (my birth land) in my car at work and at home.  Hope you can enjoy this mix… Is intended for you to download it… The mix was inspired by poet/song writer/composer Vinicious De Moraes.

“Dig deep to get deeper”
Renz De Madrugada

6 Responses to “RENZ DE MADRUGADA Bossa Canção mix (38:07 m) download, recorded by June 22”

  1. WONdERFULL MY FRIENd——————-belezaaaaaaaaa……….


  2. Debora Pill Says:

    Ei querido!!! lindo presente de aniversário, AMEI =)

  3. Hi,

    Sorry.. How can I download this. Its great!

    • Hi Mari
      at the right hand side of the music bar (soundcloud) there is a “arrow” pointing down.
      press it and it will give you an option to download the full mix…
      thanks for Listening, glad you are enjoying my selection.

      there is also another one done after this one… all from Brazil vinyl as well.
      is on the top of the page… call ACAI MISTUREBA…


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