PLATA O PLOMO the Movie, Colombian Film Show Case MOLAA.

I’m no critic nor a judge of movies, even thou I had my share of screenings during my journey to learning from independent movies in the Americas… Plata o Plomo is no stranger to the real life or history of Colombia’s drug commerce into the United States… But, it’s definitely a unique and nostalgic story, aside of the ending being one of the best ones… The entire movie will capture your attention from beginning to end.   John Human (director) debuts as (Executive Producer and Director) on Plata o Plomo, showing us that 1st ones can be great ones.  I strongly recommend you to check and find this film.

“Independent Colombian film at it’s best”

Renz De Madrugada

CREW: “Plata o Plomo”

Executive Producer and Director: John Human

Director of Photography: Bryan Cardenas

Assistant Producer: Wilmar Muñoz
Boom and Lighting

Gaffer. Lighting: Francisco Patiño and Boom

Jib and Second unit camera: Efren Gonzalez


John Acero as El Indio

Marlon Vasgavi as Orlando Restrepo aka “Tato”

Oscar Escobar as Jairo Restrepo aka “El Calvo”

Wilson Correa as Evilio Ramirez aka “Barimba”

Margarita Palacio as Amanda Gomes (Orlando’s aunt in Miami)

2 Responses to “PLATA O PLOMO the Movie, Colombian Film Show Case MOLAA.”

  1. I would like to thank you, for taking the time to see and review my film. I’m greatful to have had the priveledge to share Plata o Plomo with such a wonderful audience. You can continue to see upcoming events and updates by visiting the social sites we have listed on the bottom of our website:

    Quiero darte las gracias por haberme brindado tu tiempo de ver y comentar sobre mi pelicula. Estoy muy agradecido por haber tenido la oportunidad de compartir Plata o Plomo con una audiencia maravillosa. Puedes mantenerte al dia con eventos y seguimientos visitando nuestros links que se encuentras el la parte posterior de nuestra pagina web:

    • EL placer fue mio John!
      como te comente, la pelicula es toda una maravilla… no hay nada como hacer una pelicula independiente y poder traerla a estos humildes esenarios… voy a seguir promoviendo tu pelicula hasta donde lleguemos… espero que en el futuro nos encontromos y nos veamos las caras de nuevo!… abrazos fuertes fraternales de un fanatico a otro.
      Renzo “De Madrugada” Revelli

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