THE ROOTS OF CHICHA 2 released by Barbès Records; words by Renz De Madrugada

Como se dice… Aaaaaahhhhh!… Some type of Alfredito Linares feel “opening pores music guitar shock drunkenness AMish morning with your calentao or fried yam and chicharron sound”…  That’s basically how I feel when I hear Cumbias Peruanas “Chicha”.  Ever since my trips in the “micros buses” or a “tico” (mini taxi) to Centro de Lima or Surco to visit Perù Negro… Cumbias have been in my eardrums since I was a “chibolo”.  The pasajes (streets) in Lima will always fascinate me, from its sounds of street vendors in the mercados (street markets) to the busy streets in Mesa Redonda or Gamarra (fashion city of Lima).  Chicha, Cumbias Andinas or what ever you want to call it, will sound louder than any genre in Perù and the reason number one is! It’s massive Andino and Provincial Population.

Chicha, Cumbias Andinas and Amazonicas don’t really come entirely from Lima.  Cumbia Andino is mainly from the Andes Region from north of Cajamarca to South of Puno & the “Great” Lake Titicaca and Cumbia Amazonica comes from the Jungle Region, from the North Dept. of Loreto city Iquitos to the South Jungle in Puerto Maldonado. Population has been migrating  from the 1970s to present times to Lima, making Cumbia music one of the most performed and sold genre in the Capital of Perù.

ROOTS OF CHICHA 2 takes us to an encore journey from Lima to the Andean Region ending up in Iquitos.  Ranil also known as Profesor Raul Llerena natal from Belèn, Iquitos is feature in this LP. His unique composition “Mala Mujer” will make you move your limbs and still your soul towards any dance floor.  Grupo Celeste, Chacalòn and Los Chapis are also here.  If you are an enthusiastic student about the History of Cumbias from Latin America, this is definitely a must have for the collection.  Barbès does again with a nice research and shares from their archives and collection. VIVA EL PERU CARAJO!

I am very pleased to see the music from my country come to America via Chicha, Cumbias, Salsa and hopefully Afro Peruvian.  Is been an honor to work with such prestigious entities like Barbès Records, Masstropicas, Pablo Iglesias, Dj Andujar and the homies at Mas Exitos in L.A. who been bringing the nostalgic feel of Discotecas & Sonideros to our territory.

Perù Cumbias is here to stay!

and ROOTS OF CHICHA is just another affirmation for my exclamation…

Renz De Madrugada

A Comerrrrr!

below are 6 tracks for your listening pleasure, courtesy of Barbès Records & PressjunkiePR

Grupo Celeste & Chacalòn

Los Chapis w Chicha drink (corn fermented)


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  1. Merci pour cet article.C’est tout ce que je peux dire.

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