ANTONIO DAS MORTES – Glauber Rocha 1969

Directed & Written by Glauber Rocha

released on June 14th 1969

winner for “Best Director at Cannes film fest France 1969”

Antonio das Mortes is a mysterious hitman and wanderer and the Brazilian sertao (desert or arid lands). He is an excellent marksman and carries with him a rifle and a machete, which he uses on occasion in duels. He is widely referred to as “matador” and “cangaceiro killer” (cangaceiros being rural bandits or pirate lords of the desert).

Physically, he is a bearded, rugged man. He is of a silent, contemplative demeanor. He wears a long brown coat and a withered hat which completely shades his eyes, and ties a red handkerchief around his neck, which he uses as part of any ritual duel.

His motives and thoughts remain unclear throughout his appearances. Whereas a secondary character in the first film, he grows into a full-fledged protagonist by the second.

ANTONIO DAS MONTES is the start of a Cultural Film Trilogy

Antonio Das Mortes part I

Deus e o  Diabo na terra do Sol part II (link)

O Dragão da Maldade Contra o Santo Guerreiro part III

full picture in 10 parts

link to deus e o diabo na terra do sol (blog link)

One Response to “ANTONIO DAS MORTES – Glauber Rocha 1969”

  1. glauber rocha is one of my favorite directors.

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