RUBEN BLADES “Cantares del Subdesarrollo” Grammy Award for Best Singer-Songwriter NEWS!

Las Vegas, November 11 – The Panamanian artist Ruben Blades, was honored by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences of the recording, a Grammy Award for Best Singer-Songwriter Album of the Year for his album titled “Songs of Underdevelopment.”

The album, released in August last year, marked the return of the icon of the sauce after five year absence from the world of entertainment. “Songs of Underdevelopment” is listed by Blades himself as “the disk with swing I’ve done”, as the purity and lack of formal arrangements with which it was produced, have brought back to the root of all Cuban ambience.

“Songs of Underdevelopment” was recorded in 2003, but was not released until last year, when he resumed his career after five years in public service compared to the portfolio of tourism in his native Panama. It represented a challenge to the Panamanian singer / songwriter, and that this production was launched as an independent musician, selling the disc directly from your website,

“This work I did in the garage of my house and played almost all instruments,” said Blades, who dedicates the disc to Puerto Rico and Cuba. “With them we note the simplicity and power of our popular music. This production is as basic as what is life in our neighborhoods: honesty, courage and hope, even in the face of difficulty or the biggest disappointment, “highlights the Panamanian artist who also recorded the voice and all the choirs, played maracas , bongo, bell, Cuban tres, acoustic guitar with steel strings and 12 strings.

In late November, Blades will release his new album entitled “All are back Live” will be an exclusive collection that collects DVD’s and CD’s of music concerts of his successful tour with his band Seis del Solar, under the Ariel Rivas Music label.

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