RANIL Y SU GRUPO by La Cumbia de mis viejos blog, (tranlated in English)

From left to right: Riyder Zumba, “Spring”, Betto Gaviria, Ranil, Victor Rivas. Below Holmes Zavaleta.

Raul Llerena, born in the city Belen – Iquitos. Very versatile, is dedicated to journalism, music, politics. Here’s a little history about RANIL:

The attachment for music was inherited from his mother, who was a singer and guitarist. My mother traveled to Lima, where she studied to become a teacher and return to her hometown to practice at events to teach at the Peruvian border. Additionally I’m dedicated to journalism work in which I hold until today as a job.

My first musical experience was the sound and voice of Los Paisanos recordings. Folk music for the label Smith. Since then I realized that the music business beneficiaries weren’t the musicians. During the first half of the seventies the group “The Silvers” Johnny Quinteros appears in Belen, where I asked for advise since they are great experienced musicians… So, Raul helped on some recording to INFOPESA, recording mainly Tropical music, which had great potential for success.

During the mid seventies, I decided to form my own group. I  gather some musicians, mainly some historical ones experienced in  tropical music from Iquitos. The first guitar was held by various musicians, depending on the season. Most important Zumba Limber, which came from The Silvers, and Betto Gaviria. At the time, Luis Peña and Emilio, also served as guitarist Nigro. Among the founding members Were Rider Other Zumba on bass, Paluca Flores on drums and Marco Rivas on the grave.

Raul was aware in the benefits and power of having a record label and having musicians under his wing, so he started his own record label call  “Llerena Recordings”. The label recorded more than a dozen LPs and 45 RPM records. Several under the name”Ranil Y su Conjunto Tropical”  (Ranil is a combination of the names and Nilsa Raul, His Wife).

The musicians Travel to Lima, recorded and pressed records on the premises of MAG, running after the distribution by Ranil itself. With Respect to promotion, Raul had his own radio and television, so neither had to deal with the gangs who charged for promoting musicians.

In the eighties the group disintegrated because of the oil rush. Out in the jungle the people had less money to buy records. In Addition, the force to introduce cumbia began with synthesizer, in which the guitar was  displacing as the main instrument for Tropical Music. As well as Betto Gaviria departs towards “Grupo Pax” (MAG),  while Emilio Piña follows his path towards Criollo music.

Interview & Words by LA CUMBIA DE MIS VIEJOS Blog (Spanish Original Version)  < Link


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