BEAT SWAP MEET #12 December 2010, photos by Renz De Madrugada

Rich Spirit & Dj Curse

Dj Curse & his Wifey


Cheech & Chong! by Good Life Rootz

Dj Endo (TurntableAttics)

Rich Spirit (listen recovery) & Rob Powers aka Utmos (BSM Founder)

Leonel (latin collector)

buyer w/ Rich Spirit

Andy (record collector)

Listen Recovery booth

Here is a replica shirt by Listen Clothing, from the wore drove of Bob Marley; In the background, with a red zip up hood, Kiwamu Omae (Japan Journalist / Photographer / Friend)

Dj Fresko (listen recovery), Ya’ll know this face, Angelino from the heart, California norteño by birth & Andi aka Dj Lucha (NY), Lucha is a nomad / gitana (gypsy) / traveler dj.  She just settle into Long Beach CA, coming from a long trip in South America (Peru & Argentina), born and raise in the Bronx NY.

Steve Kader (listen recovery), Steve is one of the most passionate latin record collectors I’ve ever known,  from his knowledge in Funk and Soul to his eagerness to find the perfect quality record for the collection, traveling wide all throughout South America  & Gia Revelli (listen recovery’s Renz & Rich Spirit sister), She’ll have a booth at the next BSM #13 assisting about the laws of legal cannabis in California.

HahkTu (Calafia Zulu / WarPaint) check out HAHK’s page / site. The kid is talented!

Rich Spirit Revelli (listen recovery) & Gia Revelli

Steve Kader (listen recovery / SD)

Dj Abel & Jawa (Scratch Academy) homie & Marvin “Marvski” Fowler (background)

Brother Greg Campbell & Imani (Pharcyde)

Rhettmatic (Beat Junkies), Rhett got a Barabas record from us; rare funk from Spain press in Perù.

Lets see if he makes a “retarted” beat, as Dj Babu did with one of our picks from the crates.

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