MARILIA MEDALHA, Caminhada LP 1972 (Brazil)

Marilia Medalha started her career in the 60’s, at the city of Niterio, Rio de Janeiro, performing with Sergio Mendes on local nightclubs. Later, she became an active performer on Festivais da Cancao, TV shows and recordings, working together with renowned Brazilian artists, such as: Edu Lobo, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Toquinho, Vinicius de Moraes, which is Marilia Medalha most frequent composer partner. In spite of this great start and the solid albums released in the late 60’s, Marilia Medalha career did not evolve when entering the 70’s, being this album one of her last ones. Let’s see.

Marilia Medalha – Caminhada 1972, featuring Marilia Medalha compositions blended with standards by Luiz Bonfa, Herivelto Martins, Humberto Teixeira and Avelino de Souza, which is the brother of zecalouro’s grandfather. Rosinha de Valenca has a important participation as producer and arranger, delivering also her beautiful guitar player. Maestro Edson Frederico is in charge of strings arrangements.

Rosinha de Valenca (violao, viola, arrangements)
Edson Frederico (strings arrangements)
Dirceu (drums)
Bebeto (piano, organ)
Hamleto (sax tenor, flute)
Itibere Zwarg, Renato (bass)
Paulinho Astronauta (piston)
Chico Batera, Papete (percussion)


Track List

01 – Caminhemos (Herivelto Martins)
02 – Estrada Nova (Marília Medalha / Roberta Faro)
03 – Deus Me Perdoe (Lauro Maia / Humberto Teixeira)
04 – Perseguição (Carlos Maia / Avelino de Souza)
05 – Fim do Mundo (Fagner / Fausto Nilo)
06 – Amanheci (Marília Medalha / Roberta Faro)
07 – Água Escondida (Marília Medalha / Roberta Faro)
08 – De Cigarro Em Cigarrro (Luis Bonfá)
09 – O Primeiro Clarim (Rutinaldo / Klécius Caldas) Mortalha Fria (Marília Medalha / Antônio C. Falcão)
10 – Caminhada (Marília Medalha / Roberta Faro)
11 – Xaxado de Espantar Tristeza (Marília Medalha / Vinicius de Moraes)


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